LED Faucet Lights

31 10 2007

Posted By Mishary.


With this tool no need to burn ur hands any more for testing water temperature ! This tools got a sensor that measure the water temperature and when the water temp. got more than 89F it will light RED meaning that the water is hot be careful ! (( walah ta6awor fok 3omreeek o lat7areeg seb3eek ba3daain teg3ad et3athethaa wetle7saa ya3ny betbared 3alaih men el khar3a)) 🙂


Jazeera Airways Offer !

31 10 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Few mins. ago i got an email from Jazeera Airways stating that the two seats will cost u price of one so i think this offer is good for u guys who’s in Dubai.

You can make the reservation Here.

Picket Fence

31 10 2007

Posted By Mishary.


What a nice way to cover these wires .. ((sij 3ella mat3aref wain etwadehoom)) and as u can see below its got a sticker so no need for a glue.


If ur still interested here is the LINK for more info. & Pics.

Raffles, Wafi’s new hotel

31 10 2007

Raffles Hotel

We went to Asha’s today for dinner me and my friend. Dubai’s Asha’s is much better than Kuwait’s. You’ve got to try it out whenever you’re in dubai.

The picture on top is of Wafi’s new hotel, Raffles. it is shaped like a pyramid to go with the whole Egyptian feel of the mall and spa.

Here are some more infos on the hotel:

-the regular double-bed room costs 2500Dhs.
-11 restaurants are about to open. 2 already did.
-within walking distance from the mall and the spa.
-looks phenomenal!

My Mac thinks its a Windows!

30 10 2007

Posted By: Yousef

I was in my apartment the other day watching tv. my computer was sitting peacefully on its own tray when I decided to lift the tray from the table and bring it close to my lap. thats when it happened… this is so hard to talk about *cries* my laptop slipped from the tray and fell… yes fell to the table!! and things aren’t the same ever since!

the computer at first was acting weird and producing some weird noises, then it froze for like 10 minutes and finally it stopped working and was like (………….), nothing, no sound no nothing. I tried restarting it but the cursor refused to move. so I pressed the power button until the screen went BLACK.

The next 3 hours were one of the worst hours in human history! the computer wouldn’t startup and whenever I manage to turn it on, a very tiny question mark would appear in the middle of the screen…. I kept restarting for 3 hours. no results. and just when I was about to give up, it sprung back to life. poor little computer. now it takes me a MINIMUM of 20-30 minutes to start it up after each shutdown (it won’t comeback after sleep-mode so I have to shut it down each time).

20-30 minutes for a start up! can you imagine that? looking at the symptoms, one can conclude that the laptop is suffering from a major memory lose and schizophrenia (faqad ithakera), it forgot what it is and now it thinks its a windows!

Marvin the Martian    
This is what Marvin had to say about the ongoing issue

How Do You Know on Which Side Your Gasoline Hole of Your Car Without Seeing it ?

30 10 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Simple .. Look if your gasoline gage on the right then your car gasoline hole will be on the right wel3ax sa7ee7 ! BTW ana men el ashkhaaasely sij kent a3aneey !



Here an actual picture of my car u can see at the bottom left there is an icon of gasoline and an arrow pointing to the left and YES its in the left.

We’re yet to get listed on Kuwaitblogs

29 10 2007

Posted By: Yousef 

We’ve been waiting for 7+ days now, and still no sign of us on that list… 

How much longer will it take!!!?

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