30 11 2007

Posted By: Yousef

Since the day before yesterday I haven’t been able to post anything, the 1st reason being I had many school-duties to attend to like exams and homeworks.. and stuff of that nature.. and 2ndly because my internet connection decided to stop working! just like that!

Notice the the connections lights aren’t working

I called my ISP many times and they couldn’t find out the cause of the problem. they kept telling me that they’re running some sort of an update to their software and that their computers can’t detect what was going wrong. (turned out that they had to cut me off coz I didn’t pay the DSL bill for 3 consecutive months 😀 )

Dubai Airport

The airport wasn’t as busy as I’ve expected. the airport was fully decorated with christmas trees, red & white wallpapers and some other nice christmas related decorations. I loved the atmosphere. I’ve always loved Dubai’s airport, its BIG and has everything you need, yet you don’t get tired walking and looking around in it.

Kuwait SWEET Kuwait!

INM picked me up from the airport and NOT Mishary! can you believe it?? he goes on here writing posts about me coming back to Kuwait and then he doesn’t show up at the airport! and instead he went to some other fancy dinner 😛 and neglected his duties as a friend! SHAME ON YOU MISHARY!! 😛

PS dear readers, feel free to bash Mishary (HEE HEE HEE) 😈


Kuwait Motor Show 2007

30 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.



Today me and INM decided to go to Kuwait Motor Show 2007 to see whats new. As expected nothing new and nothing special just a few concept cars thats all.


I noticed something wrong and its ONLY done here in Kuwait .. every time there is a show the number of these portable restaurant are more than the cars in the show !! ” walah el 3atheeem kel ma atalafat alga eb kel zawya wa7ed !” and these people r surrounding these small restaurants more than the people on the show it self ! ” chena el nas yaya takel mo etshoof !”.

Here are some pictures of the Motor Show:




At the end i dont recommend you to go there unless if u dont have any other place to go to.

“Kel sena engool esena el yaya me7na ray7een o nerooooo7 ! mako faydaa 🙂 “

No Comments !

29 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


“walla dawart 7achy akteba malegait” So NO COMMENTS !

Fake Window !

28 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


For those of us working in offices with no exterior windows, we’re always looking for ways to bring a little light into our lives. “Walla wanasa etha serdab aw 6ofa fathyaa u can just put this on and finish no need for a real window” 😛

If you want to see it in action here it is :


28 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Before I got married I used to sleep in peace without any sound or lights but my wife used to sleep with sound and TV and lights and radio and and and …. Every thing on! after I got married, me & my wife got in troubles sleeping so we decide to solve these problems and one of them is this PillowSonic which u can connect it into TV, CD  and Radio or even ur iPod and u can put it under ur pillow and listen into  news or music or Quran.



Here is our PillowSonic which we’ve ordered from Amazon.com and it cost u around KD5.250 which is good i think.

if you want to order it click HERE.

iPhone Sms Crash Fix

27 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Today i got a strange sms that after viewing it my sms aplication crashed ! I was thinking that “Okhhhh 6a7aw 3alainaa Apple eny emsawela unlock o bekharbona ley !” So, i called Hamad and he was very helpful and here are the instructions if ur iPhone got crashed.

You’ll need to delete the sms causing the crash. First activate ssh on the phone (it is activated by default if you’re using a hacked iPhone). Download a good database editor (mesasql). You’ll also need a free ftp-application (fugu) to acces the iPhone.
Check your IP address under general/wi-fi by clicking the blue button next to the network you’re connected to. Acces the iphone with fugu, user root password dottie. Locate the sms.db file, copy it to your computer (make a copy just in case)
and open it using mesasql. Find the table with the sms causing the crash (odd characters and numbers), delete it and overwrite the old db-file with the new one. Now everything should work as usual.

My thanks goes for Hamad.

Yousef is Coming

27 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Tomorrow inshalla Yousef gonna come to Kuwait at night and he’s going to stay only around 5 days, So me or INM are going to pick him up from the airport .. Welcome Yousef “Mogadaman” 😛