Leopard for 1 Leopard for all

7 11 2007

Posted By: Yousef

Leopard DVD

The Guy who fixed my laptop gave me an amazing tip!

the original Leopard OS DVD, even the 1 license version, can be used and installed on countless of laptops! yes! COUNTLESS! and the proof…. I’ve used my friend’s copy on my laptop, and I am now A proud new user of the most advanced OS πŸ˜›




6 responses

7 11 2007

weley 6alab FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›

7 11 2007

innag3a o neshrab maayah πŸ˜›

bs tara jad il leopard RAW3A!!!

7 11 2007

ywaiseeef a6areeshlik my laptop itsaweelii wetreedaah ?? :Pp

7 11 2007

INTER LOL 200Dhs charge!

7 11 2007

mabrook Yousef πŸ˜€ bas 7ag INTER NOO eb 2000 DHS heheh!

11 11 2007

testahaaaal int ow loco la ow foghooom booosaa :*

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