Health Company

11 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.

Today i found an advertisement of Health Company in the newspaper offering a healthy and low calories food with free home delivery.

So i thought of giving them a try and here are the results:


This is the box which i’ve received it looks organized.


It looks delicious and the portion looks fine for a meal.



Here you can see the high quality menu with a variety of food selection.

For more information you can visit Here and you can call them on 2447575



1. Free delivery “No need to subscribe for a full month whenever u need them just call them”.

2. Every thing is available ur not limited with a certain kind of food for a certain day.


1. They dont offer how many calories on there food.




11 responses

11 11 2007

wala shakla yeshaweg ! ana lel7n mo mtryga oo i think 7ada yeshabe3 .. bs lesh mako calories ?! hmmmmmm bs wala good idea 7g ele besawe rejem now mala 3ether πŸ˜› klshy mwjood πŸ˜›

11 11 2007

a7la shay 3azleeen el `7ethraa 3ala keter 7ag ely ma e7eb el `7ethra bel akel πŸ˜‰

11 11 2007

inm, may7eb el khethraa o may7eb el jeben el bareed o may7eb el bosal bas e7eb el onion rings !! πŸ™‚

pumkinah, walah madreey 3anhoom yomken etha dagaitay 3alaihom tes’elenhom o egolonleech chum

11 11 2007

bs feeh ne3na3 sa7

11 11 2007

okhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! hathii boshraaaah saraaah linaaaa :Pp (ili i3anoon min baaaaaa3th il kilowaat il zayda :P) waaalaa khoosh shaay mashalaa ow feekra qaweeyah bedal mana6lib min hal mi6a3im ili itfakhathnaa πŸ˜› wala good step ow wayeeeed fekraah 7ilwa ow inshala bajarbaah πŸ˜›

11 11 2007

INTER-DE-MILANO, it worth a try tara πŸ™‚

11 11 2007

mishary mishary!! sij inm may7ib il jeben il barid??? laish?? 3asa mashar? inzain shloon may7ib il onion bs yakil onion rings? ❓ ❓

11 11 2007

Yousef, inm hatha mo3jezaa tara !!! mashalah mashalah 3alaih !!! eljebin etha bareed mayaklaa o etha 7ar yaklaa !! one of a kind !

11 11 2007

inter .. etha jrbta gool lena shlona masekh male7 zain shain πŸ˜› enta out tester now!
inm .. etha 6lbt like f6ayer jeben aw sandwich oo 3la ma w9eltik ela bredat takelha wela la ? πŸ˜› so2al y6ra7 nfsa πŸ˜›
ared wagol el 9amona shaklha etshaweggggggggggg o big πŸ˜› btw am not fat πŸ˜›

13 11 2007

Well as far as the cheese is cooked i accepted

13 11 2007

by the way im kind of picky with food not everything be accepted for me

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