iPhone Sms Crash Fix

27 11 2007

Posted By Mishary.


Today i got a strange sms that after viewing it my sms aplication crashed ! I was thinking that “Okhhhh 6a7aw 3alainaa Apple eny emsawela unlock o bekharbona ley !” So, i called Hamad and he was very helpful and here are the instructions if ur iPhone got crashed.

You’ll need to delete the sms causing the crash. First activate ssh on the phone (it is activated by default if you’re using a hacked iPhone). Download a good database editor (mesasql). You’ll also need a free ftp-application (fugu) to acces the iPhone.
Check your IP address under general/wi-fi by clicking the blue button next to the network you’re connected to. Acces the iphone with fugu, user root password dottie. Locate the sms.db file, copy it to your computer (make a copy just in case)
and open it using mesasql. Find the table with the sms causing the crash (odd characters and numbers), delete it and overwrite the old db-file with the new one. Now everything should work as usual.

My thanks goes for Hamad.




7 responses

28 11 2007

alla la yableena enshalla 😛

28 11 2007

loco laa sahalaa tara 10 mins matakheth !

28 11 2007

i had the same problem twice and deleted the sms.db , but i could not read the arabic sms i had, i still have a copy of the sms.db but i have no idea how to use the db editor u posted

28 11 2007

n First of all welcome to our blog and regarding the arabic sms’s im gonna post in the coming days inshala the easiest way to read arabic sms’s with no software or any thing just stay tuned 😛

2 01 2008

I have firmware 1.0.2 and i have problem with SMS .I can’t repair cause the repairing needs firmware 1.1.1 , and i don’t know how to upgrade.any help?

9 05 2008

Hello i’ve another problem mesasqlite cannot modify my sms.db cause it says that is protected. In the file properties i have total access to the file. Any help?

11 05 2008

u can solve this by resetting the iphone data.. go to settings–>reset–>erase all content and settings..

this will remove all ur sms and contacts, photos, songs, videos …

sms window will also work normally after this.

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