30 11 2007

Posted By: Yousef

Since the day before yesterday I haven’t been able to post anything, the 1st reason being I had many school-duties to attend to like exams and homeworks.. and stuff of that nature.. and 2ndly because my internet connection decided to stop working! just like that!

Notice the the connections lights aren’t working

I called my ISP many times and they couldn’t find out the cause of the problem. they kept telling me that they’re running some sort of an update to their software and that their computers can’t detect what was going wrong. (turned out that they had to cut me off coz I didn’t pay the DSL bill for 3 consecutive months 😀 )

Dubai Airport

The airport wasn’t as busy as I’ve expected. the airport was fully decorated with christmas trees, red & white wallpapers and some other nice christmas related decorations. I loved the atmosphere. I’ve always loved Dubai’s airport, its BIG and has everything you need, yet you don’t get tired walking and looking around in it.

Kuwait SWEET Kuwait!

INM picked me up from the airport and NOT Mishary! can you believe it?? he goes on here writing posts about me coming back to Kuwait and then he doesn’t show up at the airport! and instead he went to some other fancy dinner 😛 and neglected his duties as a friend! SHAME ON YOU MISHARY!! 😛

PS dear readers, feel free to bash Mishary (HEE HEE HEE) 😈




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30 11 2007

Sh7agga iyeek il ma6ar winta 7ata moo mkalif nafsik ityeebla sogha? *shakes head in bitter disaproval*

7imdila 3assaNama… a7la shay innik msawer the lights off on ur PC to prove inna ya3ni no internet oo msawer il ma6ar ya3ni tara ana msaffir.
*shakes head and chuckles*

30 11 2007

oh ps. bashir 3an il sa3a?

30 11 2007

Nameless Sajaaa sajaaaaaaa !! mayably soghaa !! o 7eta elyoom 6ala3t ma3aah o ma3azamny !! 😛

30 11 2007

Nameless first of all hatha not my PC.. hatha il router..coz you know PCs tend to have a keyboard and a shasha.. 😛
thany shay ana shimsaweelich 3ashan halwagfa ily wagfatly iyaha!! 😛 o ba3dain shalrefeej ily mayeeny ilma6ar ila itha yebtla soo’3a????

o shsalfat ilsa3a ba3ad?

Mishary bs abeek ithakerny.. mino ilmowathaf feena ana wila inta? la o fog hatha ham ma3azamtny!

30 11 2007

lefatbk il dar b5air. El ejazeh 6weleh naw3an ma fa enjoy every second of it. 🙂

30 11 2007

Ana moo wagfatlik wagfa salammk Allah ana bass shayfitik 5osh and easy target 7ag limda7ar … ya3ni aleeeef wa3alayya 😀

(psssss Mishary, shway shway la yisma3 Yousef…isma3ni, intaw ga63oo inta wi5ooh 5al yseer makoo a7ad yi6la3 ma3a oo yin7ikir bil bait broo7a…chithee ya3ni pressure pressure, ba3dain LA77THA! LAISH MA GILTLA 3AN IL SA3A?)

30 11 2007

Nameless wallah ohwa 3enda e3yoon o yegraa el blog ! fa akeeed garaa 😛 o sawa nafsa mayadree 😛

Yousef tara ma sewa 3alaina hal Blog kel men eda7ernaa we 7arebna men sooob ! ma sewa 3alainaa ! 🙂

30 11 2007

welcome back my dear 😛

30 11 2007

dots… I’m gonna try my best to seize every bit of it 😀

Nameless ma77ad galy 3an isa3a! o easy target haa…. ana wakkalt amry lallah!

Mishary lazim niti7id thid la3da’a!

loco 7imdillah 3asalama 😛 shloon 6ayartkom? igoloon mo khosh landing 😛

30 11 2007

LOL welcome back Yoweesif!! 😀

30 11 2007

Stewie mairso! 😛

4 12 2007

6b3an ana em3lqa 3l mwtho3 very late 😛 i think u went back 2 uae wana twnee 3l faraghaaah 😛 hehe welcome back ooo lesh ma glt lena chan yebnalk ferqa o kateena 3lek nooon o lbsnaak 6oog ward 😛 ( 7da we3 😛 )
p.s : tra el ashyaa2 ele thekart`ha 7a6a ya jma3a 😛 mo bs 3ly ana ! nadawww eshway yal e7zeraaaaaaaah 😛

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