Jazeera Airways Check-In Drama

11 12 2007

Posted By Yousef


we were still in sheikh zayed’s road at 7:25, so obviously we weren’t going to catch the check-in’s dead line (7:30). I told my sister in law to call the airport just to check if there were any delays on their plane’s schedule.. we were desperate! and my brother prayed for their flight to get delayed by 1 hour. and what do you know!! his prayers got answered! their flight was indeed delayed until 9:30! which means their check-in’s dead line was also pushed an hour to 8:30!

We called the airport again to check if the check-in too was open for an extra hour, just in case, and they said YES. so, now that we can finally breath better and take our time, we thought of using the extra time to go for a quick dinner at The Noodle House in the emirates towers. that plan was immediately shot down by my brother, “we don’t have much time!” he said.. 😀 saj wallah! lol *i don’t know what we were thinking, I guess we were just so happy with the delay*

at 8 o’clock we were at the airport saying our goodbyes. I called loco on my way back and told him all about the deadlines and how it all worked out at the end. 20 minutes later I was very close to my apartment and then.. BANG! I got this sms from my brother “we missed the plane”. I immediately called him and it turned that although the plane’s departure time was pushed back for an hour, the checkin time stayed the same!! it stayed at 7:30! the guy in the Jazeeraairways said that they should’ve checked in by 7:30 no matter how many hours the plane gets delayed…. can you believe this? I mean what if it got pushed for 4 hours?? why on earth would I want to check in and then wait in the duty free for HOURS to board the plane? jazeera airways suck. BOYCOTT anyone?

anyway, I turned back and picked them up. we wanted to waste some time until their 2am flight (on emirates airways this time) so we ended up having dinner in The Noodle House afterall! 3ala ra’ey ilmasal, “God works in mysterious ways” 😀




4 responses

11 12 2007

Kel men fe galbah shega ely lah 😛

11 12 2007

a3arf hal sho3oor mako khar3a kether 6airat el6ayara 3anik.. specially etha kint mi3temed enik raad w 7aragt yr $$ w kint eb paris? bah

11 12 2007

Mishary 😀

Hamad bada3t inta theech isina… minchithee lazim matsafer ila o ana ma3ak! 😀

13 12 2007

7ta ana 6arat 3ani el jazeera also ! hathy mshkelat`hum lazm check in on time 7ada bayakhaa m3ana tkon el 6yara mwjooda o ur seat there but u cant have it wala qahar bs yallah ma kolo ma ytmanah el mar2 yudrekoho 😛 kho9o9an m3a el jazeera !

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