Our iPhone Got 3G?

28 12 2007

Posted By Mishary.

The iPhone got 3G capability? I was just surfing through YouTube.com and found this guy showing his iPhone with the ability to connect to a 3G network! He’s saying that the 3G feature will be available with the next update, 1.1.3.

Click HERE



7 responses

28 12 2007

mishary, it looks like a customized menu not a real 3g feature cuz law ehy sij enabled chan 3al aqal 7a6lik el connection speed or some proof mo bas on/off

28 12 2007

Mishary, u need to have a 3g radio in the device to get that connection

28 12 2007
Ray Zed Blog » 3G iPhone

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28 12 2007

Hamad Hummm .. walla ham sa7 kalamek .. yomken fake walla

29 12 2007

I agree with hamad

30 12 2007

oo arab people.. ana fadi min romania, wen fini estari iphone??

31 12 2007

essentialmusic its available in Kuwait

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