Traveling By Land For A Change

31 12 2007

Posted By Yousef


I’m currently having problems keeping up with my study plan. The finals are here! 3 down and 3 more to go.. Fun is not an option for me until the end of the next week. Inshallah I’m going to be done with the exams by the 5th of january.

My friend INM is coming over on the 6th to help me out with some stuff, and we’re going to head back to Kuwait Via land transportation for a change πŸ˜€ we’re going to drive back to Kuwait! this should be interesting! 2 guys with not so many things in common, locked in a car for 12 hours… I can’t wait!




4 responses

31 12 2007

For me to keep the fight less i`ll bring my video player to watch in these 12 hours by my self !! Allah e3eni o we6awef el 12 sa3ah 3ala `7air !


31 12 2007

allah e3eenkom.. derbalik min showare3 rome “el7asa”. sima3t enhom bogar bel eswaga w eshtarlik ma6arat chay 7aleeb 7ag eldaarb w few red bulls w lindt chocolate. good luck

31 12 2007

take care, enjoy πŸ˜›

31 12 2007

INM il video player is banned from my car!! banned! πŸ˜›

Hamad ee itha wisalna hnak bakhaly INM isawy brova, iroo7 bisayara wiridly.. itha mafeeh shay, rikabt ma3ah o kamalna πŸ˜›

Outkasty πŸ˜€

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