What Can i Say ?

5 01 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Without any introduction check this out …


As you know this is the bag that you’ve got when u went to any public doctor here in Kuwait to put your medicine in it “This is side one of the bag” As you can see above nothing weired and every thing is normal.

Aaaand the weird thing begins BELOW !!


el kha6aba om sale7 is advertising in the medicine bag !! thagaaaaat 3alaich el amaken malegaitay ela cheees el adweyaaa !!!! men lah khelg ekha6eb wohwa mareeeth raye7 el 6abeeeb !!!




2 responses

5 01 2008

omg thats so funny! great work. lol

5 01 2008

nov62 Thanks and welcome 2 our blog 🙂

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