10 01 2008

Posted By Mishary.


There’s not much to say about the Motionbulb that can’t be extrapolated from the above image and the product’s name: it’s a CFL bulb with a built-in motion detector … detecting motion from up to 25 feet. Walk into a room, light goes on; leave the room, light goes off. They say the $20 bulb will last five years, which means it should still be around till 2012.

Akooo a7la men chethy ba3aaad ? 😛

Want to order it ? it gonna cost you around KD5.5 “wallah ana a7es teswa bas eshloon law aby anaam wakhaleey elait emba6aal ? 😛 ”

Click HERE to buy it. Also if u wish to see a video about how to work its also available there.




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