Why do we name areas after unknown people?

17 01 2008

Posted By Yousef


The other day i was in our local co-op (jam3iya) and there was a big billboard in there thanking the area’s people and contributers. as I was reading, i noticed that there was a new area name in there… “mbarak al abdullah al jaber” (A.K.A. ‘3arb Mishref).. i stood there reading the billboard.. but i couldn’t really finish it! i stopped and asked mom about that new name and what it supposed to stand for? and why?? why would anyone name a nice man6aqa with that name?

the first thing i wanted to know was “what did this, i’m sure honorable, guy did to deserve such honor?” mom thought for a moment and then said “well, he did nothing aside from that he once lived in a nice house in the area.”

Mom and me continued discussing this subject, and she came to the conclusion that “some names are being used for the sole reason of them being from the royal family and that they’re dead now”. thats the only reason.. they’ve died and by being dead they were entitled for an area named after them…

We talked about another issue as well.. it is very difficult for the non-Kuwaitis (like expats), I’m sure they’ll find it very difficult to pronounce the areas names, let alone knowing the difference between them! its very confusing to them.. i mean think about it (jaber al ali, ahmad alfahad, abdullah almbarak, mbarak alkabeer… and so on).. can you see how its confusing? the whole thing is reaching a point where its failing to serve the only purpose it was intended to serve!

Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m all for being patriotic and rewarding the people who made a difference in this country. but I wish we’d cut back on this type of area naming.. we don’t need so many names from one family, be it the royal family or any other family! we need to to be true to ourselves more often, and we need to keep the names of those who helped shape todays kuwait alive… and not by naming the areas after people where their only contribution to kuwait is there death.

I really want to go into the road and highways’ names (shari3 ilmalik fahad, shari3 ilmalik 3abdelaziz, shari3 ilmalik faisal, they’re shari3 ilma’3rib, shari3 f7ai7eel and shari3 ireyath respectively). but i think what i wrote up to now is enough for now.. 😀

Here is a list of Kuwait’s areas with royal family members’ names. and you judge for yourself who’s worthy of such honor and who’s not: (I kinda like some of the names but DEFINITELY not all of em):

-Ali sabah alsalim
-Fahad Alahmad
-Sa3ad albdullah
-Jabir alahmad
-Sabah alahmad
-Sabah alsalim
-Abdullah asalim
-Mbarrak al abdallah al jaber
-Mbarak alkabeer
-Sabah alnasir
-Jaber al ali

You can check this Thread to find the meanings behind some of the names.

The picture was taken from Cajie.



10 responses

17 01 2008

*looks around* lets see no no no no no.. maybe.. no no no , emm ya3ni.. no no no no… sorry i think we should rename them all to numbers 😀

i think ena el7ekaam eli mataw “allah yer7amhom” should get some areas named after them bas fe nas awla min elbaji fe nas sawaw hal deera.. wila mo kafo 3ala golat kojak ?

17 01 2008

Yousef balashnaa bel seyasaaa … mako faydaaaa 🙂

17 01 2008
they said

naming areas after people who died simply because they died is stupid and its stupid for anyone to think so

most of the names on the list khair-hom 3am 3ala wayid nas before and after their passing away. I don’t mean any disrespect to you after all this is your blog and you may say whatever you damn well please. however, i thought i should let you know that listing names of some respectable, people who aren’t with us anymore in a disrespectful manner isn’t a very nice thing to do.

mo3tham-hom im3aysheen ajyal 7ata 3ogob wafat-hom.. fa bas 7abait agoolik ina tara 3aib ya3ni

17 01 2008

Hamad I agree when it comes to the rulers of the country, the amir should be recognized… either by naming an area, a theater, street… know what i mean? but not all the people should get that kind of honor.. coz simply not all of them deserve it.

Mishary how is it seyasa? coz i really don’t know my abc’s when it comes to seyasa 😛 bs i just happen to be disgusted with some of the new areas popping around us..

o ba3daain itha a77ad gal shay seeda ba2ashir 3alaik! 😀

17 01 2008

they said Well, I don’t agree with you in the sense that i in anyway disrespected the dead people. i think we as arabs and especially kuwaitis are very detached from history and taking responsibility for our actions. public figures are not always remembered with praise even though Islam told us to do so, coz they, by living their lives, affected our lives as well. and therefor i have every right to criticize and state my opinion, not just becoz its my blog, but becoz i’m an educated person talking to educated people, who shouldn’t take any offense when I state my opinion.

ya3ny ib9aree7 il3ebara.. may9eer it3amil il7okkam wilnas ilmas2oleen mithil mat3amil ilshakhs ily ga3ed ibait’hom… allah yer7oma o askit.. coz ohwa kan ramz o lazim halshakhs inbayyin eejabeyatah 3ashan matenesy PLUS salbiyatah 3ashan his successor may3eed’hom. (note: i think rulers should get that honor but not their whole family 😉 )

o 7ayyak allah bil blog 🙂

17 01 2008

i kinda agree with “they said” naming areas after ppl who just died is stupid but naming the areas after ppl who had an impact on this country is a must.
so why dont they name it on alsager, alnusif, aladsani, elklaib and many others who built this country from scratch!

latseroon 3achafa we respect our government and the royal family bas fe 3agil w fe man6eq.. lama sar elghazo w sar ejtema3 el6ayef mashof ena fe kuwaiti wafaq ena e7e6 ghair alsubah 7ekam cuz we do trust them and want them to rule as our grand fathers gave them the right and we do so.
bas fe ashya’ nenteqed’ha w min 7agna engoolha!

* حرية الرأي والبحث العلمي مكفولة, ولكل إنسان حق التعبير عن رأيه ونشره بالقول أو الكتابة أو غيرهما, وذلك وفقا للشروط التي يبينها القانون

wa shokran 🙂

18 01 2008

Aham shay ina ako mantiqa isim-ha ahmad ilfahad!
Kilshay ib9ob oo hatha ib9ob thani!

I agree with you. I don’t think most of these people did something worthy to be calling an area after them. Second it’s REALLY hard to remember and know the difference between the names, not only to foreigners, but locals as well. Me, for instance, think that most of the royal family members have the same names. It’s like a total of 3 or 4 names and you mix them up to get all their names. Subah al ahmad. Ahmad al jaber. Jaber al subah., etc.

It’s annoying, and kilish mala da3ee they do that.

18 01 2008

i think ena qasda alshaheed fahad al ahmad mo ahmad alfahad. typo

19 01 2008

dishevelled oh yeah that was a typo.. i meant fahad alahmad, not his son. and yeah its hard even for locals.. i decided not to bother memorizing the new ones.. i’m just gonna stick to the ones i know 😀

8 05 2008
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