Super Mario Bros Energy Drink

23 01 2008

Posted By Mishary.


If a bout of playing the video game does not do the trick, then pop-up some Super Mario Bros energy drink to pep you up. Called the Super Mario Bros Power Up! Energy Drink, it comes in an 8.4 oz can of blue-raspberry flavor. It going to cost you around 800 fils for the 8.4 oz can.

Click HERE to order it.



5 responses

23 01 2008

Who doesnt love Mario Bros???

I used to love that game when I was lil–I dont know if I wud drink the energy drink, but hey anything is worth a try i guess.

23 01 2008

NoNoWa i dont thin ushopweship or shop&ship will allow u to receive it because food and drinks r not allowed.

23 01 2008


23 01 2008

As much as I love the game I am sure I wont like the drink that much!

24 01 2008

Oh well- i will try to find someway to survive without it, i guess 😛

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