Amazon’s MP3 Store To Go Global

27 01 2008

Posted By Yousef


Amazon’s digital music catalogue is all set to go global, and although a launch date has not yet been settled, it shall hit sometime this year. Given Amazon MP3 offers DRM-free tracks, which are generally cheaper than iTunes limited, equivalent offerings, we cannot help but think an epic battle between the big As is all set to take off.


click on Amazon and Here for more info. Thanks INM.




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27 01 2008

NO WAY!!! I am REALLY happy now. I was furious when I tried to buy something from Amazon’s mp3 store a few weeks ago when I realized that it is limited to only the US.

This lightened up my generally crappy day Yousif. Thanks!

27 01 2008
Amazon’s MP3 Store To Go Global

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28 01 2008

Kha lol ur welcome 😛 can’t wait, i hope they do it soon! 😀

28 01 2008

OOOO battle ! I wonder who’s gonna win!!!

29 01 2008

Nameless i’m gonna have to root for amazon until apple start accepting Kuwaiti credit cards.

24 02 2008

Amazon it’s last century) Guys, you are know about mp3 files sales, not CD ? )))

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