Ice Cream World

30 01 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Before i got married, my friend took me to this place, He was always trying to convince me to taste their ice creams, even if it just for one time. I went once and it sure wasnt the last 😛 During melcha, me and my wife, used to end up at Ice Cream World every time we went out. Sijjj sij latheeeth !


The place is small from the inside and doesnt have any tables or chairs to sit on and eat inside. so just park ur car and the waiter will come out to u and take your order.


They have many many flavors and most of them r fruits’ flavors. They really taste like fruit! oh and they have ice cream without any sugar too! (Hamad you came to mind when i saw them). What i usually order:

1 mango scoop and 1 banana scoop 😛

my thanks goes to INM for taking the pics and Ali for telling me about this place.




12 responses

30 01 2008

Ummm directions??

30 01 2008

really? less sugar? or totally free ? if so 3a6ni their address 😛

30 01 2008

doesnt look too appetizing

30 01 2008

Ugh, “bu’6a 3arabiya” disgusts me. :/

30 01 2008

MiYaFuSHi Humm .. sa3ba eshway dowa3ees .. if u know montazah el she3eb .. khaleek 3ala el share3 el dakhely ely mo 3al ba7aar khalah 3ala edek el yesar o go straight u will face taqa6o3 pass it then the first U turn it will be on ur right BTW welcome to the blog.

Hamad walah 7amaad they was advertising for an ice cream le martha el sokar o el rejeem 7ata 6alabt wa7ed ana it taste good wala.

Zed & MacaholiQ8 i know kalamkom sa7 bas believe me walah ana ham ma7eb el botha el 3arabeya bas this one is different. Just give it a try And welcome to the blog 😛

30 01 2008

ok i gotta go try it sometime!!

30 01 2008

eshda3wa then tell us about it 😛

31 01 2008

ok bas latsaye3ni ! tara my sugar isnt that stable lol khasatan 3ala hal ghedyat eli ga3ed akilha bel bait el sikkar 3endi “yataranna7” wedy agolha min zeman hal kelma lol

31 01 2008

Hamad la la bas ba6alnaaaa latrooo7 ! khara3tniiii mayeswaaa tara 😛

31 01 2008
choco man111

what language are u guys talkin in!!!???

31 01 2008

choco man111 English and Arabic 🙂

31 01 2008

choco man111 we’re talking arabic here using english letters 😛 you can call it Arabish 😛

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