Hala “Indian Version”

29 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.


What do you Think guys? 🙂 ” mo bas e7na ely ne7tefel eb Hala Feb. tara” 🙂

Thanks Ahmad


ZAIN Fiasco

29 02 2008

Posted By Yousef


I walked into a Zain branch today with dark clouds hovering over my head, I wanted to complain. I wanted to make, whoever ignored the phone and let it ring forever, Suffer the wrath of an annoyed customer! All I wanted was to ask if they had eGo Devices in stock and nobody was picking up! But I decided to finish what i came for first, then do the complaining. So, I went took a number (#222) and waited inline. There was a very huge group of people (taking up all of the waiting area) ahead of me and only 1 hour left for the branch to close.

I waited for 45 minutes and still the board read 221, my number was 222. more than 45 minutes have gone by and that board still showing the same friggin number! I saw the lady at the desk and she was NOT busy and to make matters worse, she stood and started walking away from her desk. She talked on the phone, walked around, chatted with her friends. I wanted to yell at something. There was a guy with a ZAIN badge walking around making sure everything is running smoothly. “AHA!!” I thought.

Me: Excuse me! I’ve been waiting here for more than 45 minutes now and i’m still waiting for that number to change! i’m holding the number next to that one!
Him: ok ok.. no problem, let me…
Me: You can’t treat customers like this! i’ve been calling this branch for hours and no one answers! and now you make me wait for almost an hour here!
Him: whats the number you’re holding?
Me: 222!
Him: But Sir? We’re on 225 now.
Me: whah? where??? that board is showing 221!
Him: thats just the desk’s counter, and the lady is taking a break. we have many other desks and they’re still taking customers.
Me: err… uhhh… well you should’ve put a bigger board!
Him: we have a bigger one, its right —> there.
Me: oh.. hmm… aa…. :mrgreen: *looks around for the nearest black hole*

Moral of the story: Look around before you open your big mouth. Or better yet, STAY QUIET!!

Mug! For! Aggressive! Caffeine! Addicts!

29 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.


This Mug! is a mix between coffee mug and a knuckleduster. Comes in two models: Big Mug for guys, decorated with gore, and Girlie Mug, decorated with butterflies. Esara7a ekhareee3! mal ehwaaash mo mal teshrab feeh !
It costs around KD5.5 if you still want it click HERE.

Again my thanx goes to the blog supporter Ahmad.

Knockoff Perfumes

29 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Yesterday Ahmad went to Al-Rai and found alot of knockoff perfumes here are some:



Walla sij WEIRD!

Thanks Ahmad.

Hala Embarrassment

28 02 2008

Posted By Yousef


Need I say more?

Thanks loco. Source.

DHL @ Home Service

28 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today Ahmad called Sarita in DHL to ask about their @ Home service, and here is the main idea:

  • They have the same price as Aramex for shipments.
  • Perfumes & cosmetics are allowed.
  • They allow shipments over 30KG.
  • They don’t have a restriction on the value of the shipment (Aramex have a $2500 limit, above that they require export papers).
  • Their default insurance is $100 unless you request additional insurance (I’m not sure about Aramex on this point).
  • Your mailbox will be in Illinois.
  • Here are some more infos I got from their Site:
  • Its a service for shipments from businesses to U.S. residential locations, including P.O. boxes.
  • The Standard delivery is within 2 – 4 business days, Deferred delivery within 2 – 7 business days.
  • Door-to-door visibility and tracking. (I’d appreciate it if I can Really track the package)
  • Things I still want to know more about are:
  • 1- Do we have more than the cash option to pay for our packages? (online or Knet maybe?)
    2- Do They check my mailbox daily or weekly?

    For more info click HERE.

    My thanks goes to Ahmad.

  • IDdesign In Avenues

    27 02 2008

    Posted By Mishary.


    Just want to mention that IDdesign will be opening soon in the Avenues “in front of IKEA”.

    if you dont know whats IDdesign click HERE.