We Should Celebrate Valentine’s day

13 02 2008

Posted By Yousef


Yes, we should lighten up. We should take things less seriously. We should always compromise and accept new questionable things into our lives. What’s with the people nowadays always clinging to their traditions and what they believe in? Don’t they know we’re in the grey age now? Don’t they know that the less you standout the better it is for everyone else?

Lets be less opinionated and more with the flow…..

So what if we celebrated a pagan occasion?
So what if we celebrated the memory of a Christian priest?
So what and so what again?

We can always go with the flow…

Its easier…

So lets just go with the flow until we are so far away we can’t even look back to where we were.

*yes i’m being sarcastic and i have a headache*

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13 02 2008
Hamitaf La BookaY

Call me blonde… but are you against Valentines day… ?! 7adee mafahamt the sarcasim :$

13 02 2008

I think that the world has become so small and globalization so far-reaching that we actually copy other’s traditions in many respects – perhaps more than we’d like to acknowledge. Think about it, our food has Iranian and Indian influences and so does our speech. Our clothing definitely has Western influences. Even some hijabs/i3bi now have Swarovski crystals on them!

Does that make us “so far away we can’t even look back to where we were”? I don’t know. But we Kuwaitis generally speaking have a strong sense of identity and a lot of patriotism so I don’t think celebrating Valentine’s makes us forget who we are. But as for religious repercussions, leave those to the muftis mabee afti ana, God only knows.

13 02 2008

I don’t want to appear here like “dayen” or closed minded but to cut story short I hate Valentine’s day but if i’m in charge i will not stop people from celebrating and i don’t mind my people look like fools because they will be easier to control in the long run, wala maskhara rayal bo 3eyal shayel warda 7amra oo yetmasha wil madam labsa a7mar sedfa eb hal yom!! fee nas tafheen.

Ma agool ela malat 3ala el bamya om sanaseen

and YES I will look back and keep looking i hope one day we will be good as before

13 02 2008

Hamitaf La BookaY BLONDE! lol 😛 yes i’m against valentine’s day.

7zaya nothing wrong with adding some spices to our meals and stones on womens clothes. but to celebrate a day that has nothing to do with our culture? a day that supports and is the backbone of so many lustful relationships? i think we can live without such days. next thing we’ll be celebrating the 4th of july and our excuse will be “we’re fans of fireworks.”

bear with me now. are we celebrating this new fad to spread the love? because if so, then i think we are forgetting about our 2 holy eids! our eids are filled with love and a sense of belonging that is unparalleled worldwide. don’t u agree?

13 02 2008

9K2HN I agree, especially on this part “if i’m in charge i will not stop people from celebrating,” and this part “Ma agool ela malat 3ala el bamya om sanaseen.” LOL! very well said! 😀

14 02 2008

I think that if you really want people to be as celebratory on the two Eids they need to be more commercial. Ya3ni mathalan:
1) Design creative products that can be sold to people during Eid.
2) Market the products and advertise them and in doing that advertise Eid itself.
3) Distinguish and segment the product so that there’s something to show off about, i.e. original colors, high prices vs cheap, nice brand name on it.

Ya3ni shoof, you know how some people make a big deal about girgai3an by buying special things for their kids with their kids names on it and nice candy yada yada yada? If there were the same kind of creative products for Eid and it became something for people to show off about I think it’s possible you’ll see people being more festive around Eid. Of course Eid is our religious occasion and shouldn’t require that but I do think that making something more commercial in this day and age leads to more marketing of the event itself which would lead to more talk and whatnot with regards to the occasion.

14 02 2008

LOL, I was just about to smack you in your face with a “7adeeth” until I saw the “yes I’m being sarcastic” part.

14 02 2008

i totally agree with yosif .. even if we buy heart shape cake it just bcoz we want to make our beloved one happy .. yes i bought cake for my friends and familly .. and that doesnt mean am with the flow ! .. i hate valentines day coz i feel sad when i c young teenagers buying stuff ! i feel sad for all the stupid girls and boys who cheated on each other specially in this day .. i feel sorry for all the moral things that we miss now adays! ..
being in love with our friends and families thats the real deal that we should celebrate now and for ever ! ..
happy friend ship day all !

15 02 2008

7zaya If you can’t beat them join them huh? 🙂
I don’t agree with you. i think, those of us who really like their traditions and can still feel the warmth of being able to celebrate an Eid whole heartedly with the family, can really do without the commercialization aspects of any occasion.

I see your point and I think it might actually help raise awareness, but i’m afraid its not that kind of awareness I’d want for our traditions and Eids. 3ala golat’hom “itha mayah saygik minthemeerik, mayinfa3 sayig warah sayig.”

ٌPasser-byy hehehehe ashwa ashwa baraaa2ah! 😀

pumkinah yeah, I too feel sorry for some of the moralities we’re missing nowadays. its a shame i9ara7a.

people love to copy, be it something good or something bad, they like to copy o khala9.

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