Arabish To Arabic

15 02 2008

Posted By Yousef


Here is an amazing search engine for those of you who don’t have arabic keyboards, yet you find yourself once every blue moon looking for other computers with arabic keyboards just to type a word or two.

whats amazing with this site, is that you don’t have to struggle with the spelling, you can type using ur regular Arabish letters (mIRC letters, like the 3 for 3aba3aal and 7 for 7mar) and it will recognize the letters and turns them into arabic letters. 😀


Here is the LINK go ahead and give it a try.




6 responses

15 02 2008
Arabish To Arabic

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15 02 2008

that’s amazing! thanks for posting the link!

15 02 2008

Great example ya got there!! 😛 LOL!

15 02 2008

lool she’3el 3adel ! bas mo enta a7san wa7ed bel denyah 😛

15 02 2008

nice! khosh website

8 03 2008
saudi arabian culture

saudi arabian culture

Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

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