Review: Sarai Restaurant

17 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today Me & my family decided to have our lunch at Sarai restaurant. It’s a combination of Syrian, Armenian and Turkish food. The word Sarai is from turkish origins and means The Castle (According the waiter).


I didn’t expect the restaurant to be this busy (Thank God i made the reservation yesterday!) The place was almost full, I would’ve taken more pictures of the restaurant if it wasn’t so crowded!


The appetizers were delicious esara7a, I loved and enjoyed them, Even though i was surprised to find out that they don’t serve some of the famous mazzat (appetizers) like fried chicken wings with garlic and and grilled Hallom cheese. The starters were the hightlights, but when you reach the maincourses stage, I’m sorry to say that there is nothing special about them.


Over all the restaurant’s atmosphere is suitable for families, Just make sure to reserve before going.

In my opinion it deserves 4/5 due to the place being small and their main courses being bland.

For reservation call 2242424 




5 responses

17 02 2008

I really love Sarai. It was delicious and the environment was very welcoming. Although I like its neighboring restaurant “Taal” a tad more.

17 02 2008

Angelo What do u order usually for ur maincourse ?

17 02 2008
Big Pearls

I am not a big fan of lebaneese-type food but when I do want to go..Sarai is my choice:)

17 02 2008

oOw at what time you were there? cuz i was there with my family and it was my first time too 😉 it was really crowded…
BTW ur blog is very intresting (ams sehart 3alai mn 12 am until 3 am ) o te2a5art 3al dawam ;p but it worth

18 02 2008

5ermesS walla ma athker esara7a about 2:00 PM o BTW thaaaaaanx for ur comment o welcome to the blog 🙂

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