My Coffee & The Perfect Froth

20 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.


When i bought my Nespresso machine few weeks ago i was wondering whats the best milk that will give me the richest foam/froth when stirring it with the Aeroccino. i tried almost all the milk brands and came up with these results:


Nadec: This Milk gives the best results! Mashalah when i make my coffee with this one the froth reaches the top of the mug! Sij sij raghwaaaa mo 6abe3eyaaaa o what i like in this milk that it ALWAYS give lots and lots of froth.


KDCOW: This milk wins the second place, it gives high level of froth but, sadly, not always! esara7a madrey laish, some times its perfect and some times not. But I buy it whenever i can’t find Nadec in the Co-op.


KDD: Simply dont even think of buying it! it sucks when it comes to frothing. sometimes it makes me doubt my Aeroccino, I start thinking that there is something wrong with the machine! strongly not recommending it.



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21 02 2008

I heard also that almara3y Milk is good, Have you tried it?

I’m using KDCOW fresh one not the long life; it is good also.

21 02 2008

hatha nadek mo mawjood bel jam3eyah lazem markaz sultan welaa city center

21 02 2008
Big Pearls

I am going to get nadec as soon as I can..shawagtni!

21 02 2008

The colder the milk you use the better the froth, thats why you get varying results i guess.

Also how much fat plays a part, half skim or full almost always gives you good froth

21 02 2008

9k2hn walla mathker eny jarabtaa .. laish zain?

uturn hummm .. nice info thanks 🙂

21 02 2008

And what kind of coffee do you prefer? Which brand? Which grind do you use?

21 02 2008
Creative Juices

Not surprising cos some of the Starbucks outlets in town churn out that almost frigid cappucinno cos they use KDD…good job Mishary with the research I quite agree with you… The Aerocinno is a good buy, nothing wrong with that .(yeah Coffee is female, cos it turns mostly the Men on)…no gender bias here…

22 02 2008

Intlxpatr I like the Roma flavor its not that strong ” i think its good choice for a beginner into the Coffee world” 🙂

24 02 2008

I never understood the idea of having foam with your cup of coffee?

And asking for extra foam!!! I mean it doesn’t serve any purpose unless people are trying to take a picture of it!!

24 02 2008

Touché my thoughts exactly 🙂 i bought the aeroccino and used it 4 times at most. its like wearing qetra and 3gal for jam3iya, not worth it 😛

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