Mom’s 2nd Post

24 02 2008

Posted By Yousef’s Mom


Mom came to me again with another piece of paper. She surprises me with her knowledge of what’s going on in Kuwait and politics. aren’t Moms supposed to be with limited knowledge? lol or atleast know less about politics than their children! i hate it when I know less than Mom! me feeling not goods my deyar feryends.

Mom’s post:

“There is an old Kuwaiti Saying “ily filjidir i6al3a ilmillas.” the literal translation will sound ridiculous but here it is, “if there is food in a pot, a big spoon should take care of it” which means no matter how big complicated the issue is, it’ll come out eventually. Every issue boiling up in a certain society should see the light of the day. But someone should speak up, someone should recognize whats important. It seems that nobody is brave enough to speak up, and that our pot finally started to burn and the food in the pot is no longer savable nor safe for human consumption!

A lot of the problems Kuwait is facing nowadays has not been dealt with properly, and were left to stack up, to crowd our mind and hearts without any recognition, let alone solutions. We have plenty of slogans in our country “ilhoon abrak maykoon” and “turn the other cheek,” all slogans indicate incompetence. they encourage us to keep receiving slaps after slaps! until its no longer clear why we’re being stepped on and why we no longer matter.

To make this post light (and to keep my son out of trouble) I’ll give a light example. The Government finally thought of removing the illegal buildings, diwaniyas and other violations. Then, and all of a sudden, we hear that there are ministers and some members of both parliaments among the violators! and not only that, but they also were among those who insisted on not passing the bill against the violators until other “socially Big” (and rightfully so) people remove their violations first!

Now, what intrigued me in this whole issue and the question i can’t answer is, Why do these parliament and government ministers think they’re not among the socially big people? aren’t they voted by the people? aren’t they big enough? why do they still have issues when it comes to who’s big and who is not? is it a Nouveau riche syndrome? or are they really small but appear bloated because of the high chairs they’re occupying?

Lots of issues crowding my mind. violations, racism, segregation, nonexistent national security, people faking patriotism… etc. And they’re ALL yet to be seriously recognized and studied by the Government and the parliament to avoid all the crisis coming our way.

The pot is burning people! iljidir 7akkak wi7tarag! the pot is in a desperate need of immediate sterilization to keep the people from deadly poisonings!”

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24 02 2008
Om FasoOoL

It is so true .. even on Taw el Lail there was an interview with majles el balady representative 3skar al 3inizi .. he said that el ezala is not a good issue he has his dewaniya outside his house because he has no place in his house to accomodate people !! so if those representatives that were elected by us are violating then ma7ad 3alaih sharha ! and he also said etha 6abeqaw hal ezala 3ala el kibariyya e7na ensheel bas mo nas o nas .
Lot of issues yabeelha malas mo bas el ezala like man3 el ekhtela6 issue ..

bas no more polotics 🙂

24 02 2008

Here’s another saying for your Mom (it’s what my husband says) “Marry a smart woman and you’ll have smart children.”

Your Mom is one smart cookie.

24 02 2008

i always hate to talk about politic issues coz i dont like the ugly truth about our political life which leaks democracy in many diffrent ways, democracy needs justice indeed !! and as we all know we dont have justice in life at all .. see am now getting sad 😦 well i will stop talking about politic and i wont read about at also .. i just wana clear my mind and pray that things gets better and life goes smother until we serve our time in life and hopefully get to heaven 🙂 bethn allah sb7anah ! 🙂 where there is no politic issues and lots of justice ! woow go heaven go heave 😉 heaven rocks ! loool

25 02 2008

Om FasoOoL ahlan wasahlan o welcome to the blog 🙂
I agree ina ma77ad 3alaih sharha, o omy tgool “ya Om FasoOoL, wayid ashya2 yabeelha mellas lil2asaf, o awalhom a3tha2na o wezara2na yabeelhom mellas 3alaroos’hom. hatha ily geltay 3anna mithaal linaw3eyya ily at7acha 3anha, illy mahma kbaraw fe mana9ebhom yathelloon 9’3ar fe mabade2hom! ya3ny itha 3indek deewaniya barra, sheelha o 7i6ha ib9altik! 7i6ha ibqa3tik itha malzooom o matesta’3ny 3an deewaniytik! mo 3ala arth il7okoma! willy baneena wita3adiyyat mo bs dowaween tara. ako chabrat ‘3anam o dooor kheddam o mazari3! mo bs dowaween.” o then omy shta66at o ra7at darha wihya ita7al6am. 😛

intlxpatr She is smart 🙂 Mom says “Thanks a lot, you’re very nice! and i loved ur husband’s saying! Sooo true!”. oh dear, mom really liked ur saying, she’s bragging about her smarts now! lol!

pumkinah I’m sorry i made you feel sad. i don’t like politics either! but sometimes i can’t contain myself, and Mom feels the same! coz its just, the whole thing, is very out of control and needs someone to speak up!

our blog is not about politics and it won’t be about politics. but a little spice every now and then won’t hurt 😉

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