Forget Your Spoon…

26 02 2008

Posted By Mishary.



Spoons are so last year. Who has time to find a clean one, lift your hand, swirl your wrist to mix in sugar with your tea or coffee, tap the spoon dry or lick it and then place it back on the plate? this is a elegant and simple design. Incorporating a molded glass groove (resembling a roulette wheel) that acts as a track for a ceramic ball as well as keep you from choking to death on it, the user is inclined to swirl the cup using centrifugal force to mix your beverage. I applaud the design and am still pondering its need over my premixed vanilla latte.


Caution: Ana mo mas’oool etha a7ad bala3 el ball bel ghala6 ! šŸ˜› o deraw balkom men el defasha tara akhrat’ha teketet! šŸ˜›




One response

28 02 2008

Cool Idea–until someone swallows or chokes on that little ball!!

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