4U in Al-Oula Stations

4 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Yesterday Ali sent me these pictures and it shows that Al-Oula are now offering us the opportunity to look for and buy mobiles while we’re filling up our cars. Just like Mark said, I too hope to see mini markets in Al-Oula stations soon.


Thank you Ali.




6 responses

4 03 2008

your picture look as if it was taken in 1980’s :p

4 03 2008

There has been a 4U in the Sharq station for about two years .. never seen it open tho.

4 03 2008

ee wala chinha ayam el 80`s !!
yemkn maswit setting 7ag el camera o ana em9awerha dakhl el syara ,, 7ata el jama mo emnzelha 😛

4 03 2008
Mr. Solutions

I don’t see and difference after privatization of the Gas stations same service nothing more…

4 03 2008
Big Pearls

yabeeli 9oora ib hal camera:p

16 03 2008
A Letter From Oula « SOME contrast

[…] A few days ago i got a letter from Oula Fuel Marketing Company thanking me for my posts regarding their new machines and their mini mobile shops.  […]

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