KDD’s Plan B

4 03 2008

Posted By Yousef

Draw Their Sympathy!





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4 03 2008

now thats just funny isnt it! shows u the power of boycot and what it can do!

im just pleased that kuwaitis are aware of the price game in hand .. and their doing something about it ..

it reminded me of V for vendeta 🙂

4 03 2008

LOL I like your comment. 9ajj ya3ni sara7a I don’t like this campaign. I’m gonna drink milk from a certain brand just because I used to drink milk from the same brand? I think milk as a commodity in general is not one in which there is brand loyalty among customers so salfat il 3ishra is not gonna work.

4 03 2008

وين كانت “عشرة عمر” لما رفعوا أسعارهم؟؟؟

4 03 2008

Mmmmm. ymken an6ag.. but 9ij 9ij 3eshrat 3omer
since we were kids we used to drink KDD flavoured milk and its the best to be honest..
I love kdd and would never trad it w/ any other brand 😉

4 03 2008

eb9ara7ah ‘6a7akny el e3laan 🙂

4 03 2008

No3ik Agreed, we should believe in our boycotting powers and use them more often 😈 But You know what? I don’t like it when the co ops do the boycotting, i want to be able to decide which brand i’m gonna avoid and not buy, i like to make my own decisions.

7zaya I think this campaign will backfire, coz the 3eshra thingy ma77ad tinakar laha ila ohma. so its not gonna work. ba3dain tara KDCows milk (the fresh milk) tastes much better! 🙂

Ahmad Exactly!

ryoOomah lol! ok their choc milk is one of the best. but when it comes to their other products, do they stand out? I think not 😛

Abdullah eee misakeen matewafegaw feeh! ana sarly cham yom aby a9awra! 😀

4 03 2008
Ruby Redux

Looks like they’re attempting emotional blackmail as a means of increasing consumer retails. Ugh.

It’s unattractive and under-creative.

4 03 2008

In reference to your objection to Coops making boycotts, the Coop decision makers are elected officials as I believe and hence they’re supposed to represent what the people of their area think. The idea of synchronizing a boycott is a lot more efficient than having people decide on their own. It gives the people of the area a lot more power with merchants who sell the products. This kind of boycott (hopefully) will force other merchants to hesitate or take pause before raising prices. Willa sh5anat il jam3iya?

4 03 2008
organic kuwait

this can actually work with me, fortunetly we dont buy dairy products.

4 03 2008

Ruby Redux VERY unattractive I agree.

7zaya KDD was not banned. it was still available in the co-ops branches. look, I kind of agree with You, but still I don’t want anyone to take decisions instead of me..

organic kuwait wallah miftakkeen 🙂

5 03 2008

I’m lactose intolerant, so no milk for me 😛 But I like this campaign, if i really love a product I would buy it even if they double the price.

5 03 2008

Hi…could some one translate what that means….

5 03 2008

EniGma Most of us would anyway 😛 but I really don’t like being manipulated like that. I love it that we took a stand this time.

mentabolism lol ok. they’re basically saying “we shared a lot of life together.” I hope this makes sense 😀

5 03 2008

ma boga ella they get down on their knees n beg!!!

5 03 2008

Mishary tara lazim etqa6ehom .. wbtshoof emzahbenlik plan C 😛

8 03 2008

Wow…i kinda agree with that…its true….I was brought up on that stuff….and I feed my kid with that stuff….all it takes is a trip to the factory outlet in Shuwaikh

8 03 2008

blasha i won’t be surprised if it happens 😛

mentabolism Why the sudden realization? 😛 didn’t they think about our shared history before raising their prices? 😉

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