Signing Up to DHL’s @ Home Service

5 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


Mishary Posted the other day about DHL’s @ Home Service. So, I went yesterday and signed up in DHL’s new service. They’re open from 9am till 6pm. I went around 2 o’clock and was greeted by the one and only, Ms Sarita (early members of Aramex’s shop and ship will know her very well). She was as friendly and as efficient as ever. She recognized me and said “you gained weight haven’t you?” at first I thought she was talking about herself so I replied “No! you look better than ever!” later I realized the comments was directed at me! err…

Ok, so She started by saying “I don’t want to over sell the service we have here, coz its really knew and we’re still working on lot of things.”


1)You have Sarita working there.
2)Just like aramex it costs 2.5kd for the first 1/2 kilo and then 2kd for each additional 1/2 kilos.
3)The Mailbox is located in Illinois, so you can save lots on tax money (macbook pro’s tax is $240 if delivered to Aramex’s newyork address. and only $140 when delivered to illinois).
4)4 days delivery from the US to your address in Kuwait.
5)I like that its DHL. they’ve got to be worried about their reputation, so the chances of them screwing up are much less than the other services.
6)You have an optional 2% insurance. it covers the whole amount. so If you ever receive a damaged package, you can get your full money back. no matter how large the amount is.

1)Its still a pretty new service, so there are lots of missing options (like tracking ur package) but She, Sarita, told me I can call her whenever I want to know the status of the shipment. and she’ll call whenever it arrives.
2)They charge on either, the package’s weight or its volume whichever is the highest. (a guy ordered light plane model and is being charged a big sum of money because of the size of the package).

I just love dealing with Sarita. thats why I think this new service is going to Rock!

PS. there is a one time 10kd fee when you sign up.

Tel # 2246502




4 responses

5 03 2008
Mr. Solutions

I’ve already opened up an account with them but haven’t tried it yet though I’m sure they are better in service because they are DHL 😉

5 03 2008

Khalik 3ala maynoonik layeek ayan mina heheh

5 03 2008

My only hope is that they don’t Aramex’s capacity problem when they receive lots of packages and can’t deliver them on time!

6 03 2008

HI this is my first time ever that i write to a plog , i just want to say that when we buy some thing online they like to send it in big packages i.e my sister bought a watch and it came in a very big box so i think that will not do in DHL .

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