Céline Soared And Dubai Roared

6 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


We were there by the shuttle buses location around 5:30pm and in less than a minute we were on the bus and on our way to the concert venue. everybody was excited and brought their picnic carpets and little cushions. Me & loco went with just our tickets in hand. the shuttle took 5 minutes and we were there. the place didn’t look crowded, actually it looked empty! it didn’t fill up until the last 5 minutes.


As we entered, we noticed lots of people carrying their cameras and no one was stopping them. so loco volunteered to go and bring my camera from the car. and I promised him to keep an eye on his little spot on the grass until he comes back. he went on a bus back to the parking area, lost the tickets, got yelled at by the bus driver and lost 3 kilos from a very long walk. meanwhile, i was being mocked and yelled at by a lebanese witch. she came with her husband and wanted to spread their carpet on loco’s spot!

i just said: my friend is sitting here, he’s coming back.
Husband: he’s gonna take this whole place?! this whole place?!
Me: No, just this spot *points to the spot near me*
Husband: ALL of this spot?! all of it?!
Me: NO NO JUST THIS LITTLE 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter!
Witch: so your friend is going to sit next to You RIGHT?
Me: YES.
*the witch fell to her knees, almost breaking mine, and sat EXTREMELY close to me and said*
Witch: so this is how your friend is going to sit??? *and then looked at her husband* OK, now spread the rug next to me! *looks at me* ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?
Me: isloobich raw3a.
Witch: *gave me a patronizing look and looked away*

I couldn’t say a word. i was really angry, but i could say anything, which made me even more angry.

less than 10 mintues later, her husband went away, called her on the phone and she started packing and then left. just before going away, she said “you can have this whole place for yourself now!”

loco came back 45 minutes later with the camera! hurraaay!


we waited until 8:20. The crowd stood up and were pushing us against the barrier when some lights and smokes were flashing on stage. by 8:30 Celine appeard! just on time 🙂

The concert started with a little clip. then she bursted into “I drove all night.” it was a nice song to start up the concert. she was amazing as ever!

The Setlist:

I drove all night
The Power Of Love
Taking Chances
Its all coming back to me now
To love You More
Because You Loved Me
I’m Your Angel (with her background singer)
Eyes On Me
We Will Rock You
The Show Must Go On
All By Myself
Pour Que Tu M’aimes Encore
Its a Man’s world
Love Can Move Mountains

And some other Covers and songs from her catalog.


She rocked each and every song and gave it her all. It was all great. The Audience was into her and her songs. She said “Ana Ahebbak” and “Shokran.” She took a moment to thank us, and told us how a great an audience we are. She also talked a bit about Dubai, and that she’s been here for 3 days and already know why everybody talks about Dubai. “its the city of tomorrow, its the city of the future” she said.


She sang a song and then said her goodbyes and left. The audience were still not satisfied and some were angry she didn’t sing my hear will go on “The Titanic Song.” loco looked at me with an 😮 face, and I said “she’ll come back for an encore.” and She did! 😀 she came back and sang The “Titanic Song.”


It was an amazing night. lots of pushing, shoving and witches, but totally worth it.




10 responses

6 03 2008

really amazing !!!!!
3lik bl 3afya 🙂

6 03 2008

yousef: good.. eb hal wagt te7taj makenat 7elaqa gool laish ! ana agolik.. takhayal hal maynona wehy ete7al6am et6ali3 makeentik w ta36eeha shakh6a eb nis elras.
result: ehy w rayelha yamshoon min elsadma w u can have all the place for you 😀

bas wain eli efakir

6 03 2008

I cant Believe It YOUSEF you saw HER !!

7 03 2008

no i loss 4 KG not 3 😛 lool
9eeej kanat 7afla min el 3omer 🙂

7 03 2008

Ali Allah i3afeeek 😀

Hamad Akhaaaihhh! ma6ara 3alay! 😛

INM I can’t believe it either! 😀 😀

loco LOL! ee wallah khosh 7afla kanat 🙂

8 03 2008

shlooon gdart tasket 3leehaaaaaaa ??? lo ana chan zaft`ha 😛 agool laha eeee all of this for my friend ee eee hes fat 😛 ybee ynsede7 😛 bnsawee yoga 😛 what ever el mohm ma asket 3nha 😛 wooow 39abt ana 😛

8 03 2008

pumkinah loooool 😛 3aad ohoo 9ij his friend FAT :Pp

8 03 2008

pumkinah wallah i7tarait o kan widdy arid bs madry shfeeny in6aramt mooliya! tebal3amt aslan! lol madry shyany… 7alata kintay ma3ana 3ashan akhaleech takleenha bigshoorha 😀

INTER hehehehehehhheehheee wallah ina feek shar! 😀 😀

9 03 2008

3alaik bil 3afya!!!! So glad u had fun! But a little teeny tiny piece inside of me is a little jealous u got to see her and hear her! J’adore Celine!!!

10 03 2008

Chirp Allah i3afeech 😀 as for you being jealous… BWAHAHAHA! 8)

Mais pourquoi you didn’t go? Vous avez 25 jours left 😛

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