Fish & Vegetable Market Sharq

8 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today i went with Abdullah and Ali for dinner and then i decided to buy a coconut! (don’t ask!). I like to eat fresh coconut. So my friends suggested to go to souq sharq coz we were near by.


Before heading to the vegetable market we decided to take a look at the fish market, look around & get some pics.


It was around 10:00 pm and the market was so crowded with people!


After we were done going through every fish, we went to the vegetable market and started searching for MY COCONUT 😀


Me and Ali searched every shop! The weird thing was whenever we asked anyone about them, the answer was like “Are you kidding? Men sejkom intaw yayeen edawroon ehny coconut??”


Finally some one heard us and told us its available in Sultan Center.

This is not bread its Baqsam! 😛


Finally we found our lovely coconut @ Sultan Center! and they r selling it for 350 Fils/Piece.

Thanks Abdullah and Ali for joining me in my search for the coconut!




13 responses

8 03 2008

Ohhh I just wake up !!
really we enjoyed to find this coconut 😛

8 03 2008

i never taste the fresh coconuts ! hmmmm 7ilo 63ma ? 😛

8 03 2008

pumkinah Walla nice .. a7eba coz 7alataa mo wayeeed “ya3ni mo sheraaa” 7alata mo3tadlaa 🙂

8 03 2008

bl.3afya mqadaman 🙂 bs did you try to make a fresh coconuts juice? chena with milk o something like that!! my mother made it for us o walla latheeth “ma3any mo thak e.zod with the coconuts”.. so dam enk t7eb elcoconuts i’ll take el6ariqa from my mom if you want to try it 😉

8 03 2008

5ermesS alah e3afeek .. esara7a majarabtaa bs could u give me el 6areqa? plz

9 03 2008

I advise you to go to lulu hypermarket, they sell it fresh and they will grind it for you.

9 03 2008

I advise you to go to lulu hypermarket, they sell it fresh and they grind it too

9 03 2008

afa 3laik mn @@ ;p bacher a5eth.ha mnha..
BTW i’m not dude, so you should say alah y3afeCH ;p
J/K man ;D

9 03 2008

mubarak Sij walla? thanx inshalla aro7la next time o BTW welcome 2 the blog 🙂

5ermesS Opps sorry o thanks in advance 🙂

9 03 2008

Your photos are GORGEOUS! Like something you would see in a foodie magazine.

I love it that the markets here are SO clean. They put the open markets in France to shame.

9 03 2008

intlxpatr THANKS A LOT! actually i’m taking all the photos that i post it with my mobile phone 😛 inshalla i’m gonna upgrade to DSLR same as yousef 😛

10 03 2008
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