New KitKat Flavors

9 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


I just found that Sultan Center is offering a new flavors of KitKat which are:

  • Orange flavor.
  • Mint flavor.
  • Dark chocolate flavor.

Thanks Abdullah




7 responses

9 03 2008
Mr. Solutions

I always like chocolates with Orange flavor I think I’ll go get it from SC.

9 03 2008

i love orange with chocolate,,,, which SC is that?

9 03 2008

blasha Souq Sharq

9 03 2008

hmmm, since i neva went to soq sharg b4 cuz i really neva needed anything from there, does that really worth it???

hell ya!!!!

I’ll try salmiya SC if it wasn’t there then i’m gonna head to soq sharg.

*crossing her fingers hoping she doesn’t get lost*

9 03 2008

Actually, they’re not new. They’ve been available for over a year. Bas they go out of stock oo it takes a while to get some more.

I love dark chocolate, but for some reason, didn’t like the kit kit dark, but I liked the mint one!


10 03 2008

Mint chocolate is too die for- yummy!!!

12 03 2008
New KitKat Flavors

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