No Privacy!

11 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Yesterday i was going with my wife to Al-koot Mall and saw this lovely group of people each one got his K-net and is waiting in a queue, So when the first one start to put his K-net in the machine look what the other is doing?? Ashkara ya7lailhom! They dont know each other! Fashla wallah 😛




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11 03 2008

I have gained a great experience from indians and they way they think and live, simply they love el 6omasha!! one of the things old people use to do to pass time in india they sit and watch the streets (ye6amoshon 3ala el raye7 wil yay) and as you know the Kuwaities used to travel to india a lot in the past we got this bad habit from them!! this is why when there is an accident in the other side of the street every one will stop to watch and hardly anyone offer help. pure indian practice

11 03 2008

Curiosity is a human trait not an Indian one so let’s not blame our flaws on other traditions 😛

I think the reason why in the Western world people seem a lot less curious than we do is that they are taught to value independence a great deal whereas we are taught to value the sense of community a great deal. It just happens that valuing the sense of community comes with the relentless need to get into everybody else’s business 😀

11 03 2008

7zaya I disagree with the notion that Europeans lack curiosity. I mean I live in western Europe and whenever I go out anywhere EVERYONE and I mean everyone in the street turns around and stares at me; and no I don’t dress over the top. Yes I’m fashionable but I’ve seen a lot of locals wearing similar clothing.

It’s just part of their culture to stare.

11 03 2008

Hmm…interesting. I lived in Western Europe for years and I never got the sense that people were regularly staring at me. I don’t know.

12 03 2008

People who think everyone is staring at them have a mental problem.

13 03 2008

^^ Hey you need to come to Ireland and you would find out that staring is a national sport here. Everyone agrees with me on that!

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