Mango World IS Offering 3adas!

13 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Yesterday me & my wife were searching for mango juice with natural mango pieces (currently out of stock in Kuwait). so we decided to go to Mango world. I found this advertisement.. Mango world is now offering lentil soup!!!?

I wonder whats the link between juices and lentil soups? eshlooon 6arat 3alaihom el fekra??




7 responses

13 03 2008

tara hathea ice cream 3adas ! or 3a9eer 3adas bared πŸ˜›

13 03 2008
Mr. Solutions

All are liquid πŸ™‚

13 03 2008

LOol 9aajj πŸ˜€
I think they offered it for winter… Bs know waay mno yshtehe shorba b.hal 7aar!!

13 03 2008
Hamitaf La B

The word 3adas freaks me out … … … … …
it just does… … … … … … … … … … … … …

13 03 2008
Mango World IS Offering 3adas!

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13 03 2008

Thats just wrong!!! πŸ˜›

14 03 2008

Ali Alah elawe3 chabdek ya e3laiweeey ice cream 3adas!!!!!? πŸ˜›

Mr. Solutions Nice concept! πŸ™‚

5ermesS wallah sajaaaa men yegdar 3ala shorobaa eb hal 7ar aslaan !

Hamitaf La B Hehehehehehe πŸ™‚

NoNoWa sheftay eshlooon πŸ˜›

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