Adventures Of A Doctor In Kuwait

16 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


It was just another day in one of Kuwait’s busiest hospitals. A woman came in with her 12 year old kid to see the Doctor. The kid’s been sick for 4 days the woman explained. She went on to say that He suffers from headache, Fever, Dizzy, Vomits a lot and has photophobia (can’t tolerate bright light).

The Doctor knew these symptoms, they were the symptoms of meningitis (sa7aya). He knew that the kid should remain in the hospital for further testings immediately.

Doctor: Look, I think your kid is suffering from meningitis. its a very serious disease and he should remain in the hospital so we can do some testings to identify, confirm and start treating the disease.
Mother: aha.. ok we’ll pass by tomorrow.

The Doctor got puzzled with the Mother’s cold reaction. He thought if he took her to another room, sat her down and talked to her enough, she might realize the magnitude of her child’s disease. So he did.

Doctor: You don’t understand. This is serious. We need to take blood samples, do lumbar puncture to extract some spinal fluids.. we’re also going to give him antibiotics through intravenous drip.
Mother: But maybe this is just an allergy and nothing serious.. we have a cat in the house and maybe.. you know..
Doctor: Are you listening to what I’m saying at all? I’m telling you this is not as simple as you might be thinking! He might suffer from several disabilities! He might get paralyzed! or even go into a comma before you know it! Not to mention that its contagious. You’re risking other people’s lives if you don’t let us begin treating him NOW. you’re risking too much, he actually might die!

The Mother looked at her kid

Kid: But Mom you promised me a breakfast in Marina Mall tomorrow!!!
Mother: Doctor, I can’t leave him today, we have a breakfast planned for tomorrow’s morning.. You know what, We might come back tomorrow in the afternoon πŸ˜€

The Doctor lost it

Doctor: Are you stupid? You must be stupid! Slow maybe?? I’m telling you your kid might die!!

Mother got offended and defensive.

Doctor: OK I don’t care! *bi6agag isheelkom* But I won’t be held responsible if anything happens to your kid because of your stupid and careless actions! you’ll sign a form right now stating that you went against the doctor’s orders..

The Mother without any hesitation signed the form, took her kid and went back home.




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16 03 2008

LOL! Idiotic mother!

One of the many reasons I am so happy I went into dentistry rather than medicine. We don’t have to deal with stupid patients in life threatening situations.

16 03 2008

OMG is this what’s waiting for me!

I can’t believe someone would actually prioritize breakfast over the survival of one’s child! I hope that this doesn’t happen often. But Yousef you have to learn to calm down in such situations.

16 03 2008

As I read the symptoms I said its meningitis! The doctor’s way of communicating and explaining was not the best though Nevertheless the mother is… anyway hope the kid is okay

16 03 2008
Ruby Redux

I watch too much ER, I knew the disease and tests required to confirm it before reading the rest. Couldn’t the doctor gotten two other doctors signatures to over-rule her idiotic decision? The child is obviously out of it.

I’m shocked at the Kuwaiti parents callousness, everyday!

16 03 2008

and the question would be… ” is the kid okay?”


If parents don’t have the sense of responsibility how do we expect kids to be respoinsible of their actions !


16 03 2008

Yousef are u a doctor? actually i’m doing my 7th year now.. our exam is less than 3 months ahead and god i’m already sick & tired from the daily basis studying and cruising around hospitals looking for cases

16 03 2008

This is sad.

But look tara inass nafsiyat. I think we should keep that in mind. The mother may have been scared out of her wits so she wanted to escape the situation immediately rather than face it head on. I wonder if she did end up coming up back to get the kid checked or decided to pretend it’s not happening at all.

16 03 2008

And people wonder why we have so many handicapped people in this country. Let the mom have the guilt eat at her for the rest of her life, she deserves it.

17 03 2008

Sadly, such situations happen on the weekly basis. You should see how such people act towards the PANIC RESULTS we have in the laboratory. One case of a 12 years old girl who had a hemoglobin of 6 g/dL ( which is VERY low and need immediate blood transfer ), the mother didn’t consider it that serious and went like : well its eid, can we come after 3 days ?

17 03 2008

Kha be careful, i heard that dentists have the highest suicide rate πŸ˜›

??? I’m not the DR πŸ˜€ but yeah from what i’ve heard, it happens often. a bit too often πŸ˜›

Hasan.B Well, he sat her down and talk extensively about the disease. but she wasn’t putting her son first.. thats what he told me πŸ˜€

Ruby Redux Kuwaiti parents are fine, there are stupid parents everywhere in the world πŸ™‚ We did ask him though why didn’t he do something to overrule the Mother’s decision and He said “with this disease we cannot treat the kid against the parent’s approval.”

dots… He doesn’t know whether the kid is ok or not, I hope he is. some parents do not deserve kids!

fkj no I’m not a doctor πŸ™‚ and lol @ “i’m sick & tired,” doctors are always studying πŸ˜› bitawfeej inshallah πŸ™‚

7zaya From what I understood, the mother was not in a shock. she was cold and careless.. and maybe stupid. It is sad wallah.

Π― ksarat kha6ry! lol

NoNo please tell that to the people ^ who blamed the doctor and said the parent was shocked.. coz thats not true! I think the parents’ were inconvenienced by it thats all.

17 03 2008
Adventures Of A Doctor In Kuwait

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28 03 2008
future Doctor

well, although this is a weird scenario but it’s possible ! As a medical student rotating in Kuwait hospitals , fortunately, i can tell i didn’t see much of that.

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