USWS Address Changed

16 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Just got this email from

“Dear Sir/Madame,

***please note***

Effective March 31st we will be at our new location and all shipments must be addressed to:

Inter-World Express Services
283 Hendrickson Ave
Lynbrook, NY 11563
Tel: (516)724-7421

Thanking you,


So dont forget to change your addresses πŸ˜›




6 responses

16 03 2008

bah i need to change 7 sites now …

16 03 2008

its ushopweship not you

16 03 2008

forzaq8 what can we do this is the only way to do it πŸ™‚

Mark Opps! Your right .. Thanks πŸ™‚

16 03 2008

but i use ushopweship :p

and i need to change the address in amazon , ebay , paypal . etc

17 03 2008

hmm, forzaq8, how did you add your US address to paypal? Do you have a US bank account? Because when I registered at paypal, I entered Bahrain as my country and not US.

17 03 2008

because i had E-bay before paypal , and had them linked :p

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