Review: Linksys iPhone

17 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.

Since i got married my internet shopping habbit increased by 400%. Me and my wife order from everything from socks to earrings! Kel shay kel shay! Walah walahnaa 3alla ghorfat el tabdeeel bel ma7alat! So we faced a problem in the past 1.5 year that whenever any site asks us to contact them by phone (and most of them provice 1-800-xxx-xxxx contact number) the problem with these numbers is that you can’t call them from outside the US. So the ONLY solution is Skype, Yes from skype you can call 1-800 even if you are out side the US.


So i went directly to Amazon and ordered Linksys iPhone.


Whats in the Box:

  • Base station.
  • iPhone head set.
  • 2 chargers “1 for the head set and one for base station”.
  • Ethernet cable.
  • Manual.
  • Head set battery.
  • Land line cable.

Now let me go through their Pros and Cons:


  • It capable of holding the land line and Skype simultaneously.
  • The head set base is separated from the base station.
  • NOW i can call Apple and Amazon by simple touches! “walla fashla takhayelaw aloo gowa amazon!!!” 😛 .


  • Low quality build material.
  • The two chargers designed for the US electricity, So you need an adapter to run them in Kuwait.

Final Score 3 out 5 “Due to low build quality & lack of multi voltage chargers.
Thanks to the biggest skype fan, 9K2HN, for telling me about it.




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17 03 2008
» Review: Linksys iPhone

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17 03 2008
Review: Linksys iPhone

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17 03 2008

I heard about it! Is it clear? Can someone that has a skype account call you on the phone? Although we have our differences on political issues, but I have to say ina this is the coolest website man, keep it up!

17 03 2008

Hasan.B Thanks dear, and regarding the voice quality it depends on your internet speed. i’ve got Zain account and the voice is super clear! and Yes its possible that to call and receive calls from Skype users.

17 03 2008

You also can use Packet8 its easy, VERY cheap n super clear as well. All what u have to do it get the modem device from packet8, connect it to ur DSL n to ur fone, and thats it.. and u can make FREE UNLIMITED calls to anybody else in the world who has Packet8, and u can make any international call for only $20 a month… cool huh

23 03 2008

Now this a real beneficial post, it’s a real treat.

Thank you for the great informative review.

24 03 2008
Abdul Aziz

there is another way to do it for free , by your mobile phone ;)……just go to and read all about it =)

24 03 2008

Touché Your most welcome 🙂

Abdul Aziz Thanks .. BTW i think i know u 😛

24 03 2008
Abdul Aziz

😐 how do u know me :p ??

24 03 2008

Abdul Aziz i’m one of ur relatives 🙂

24 03 2008
Abdul Aziz

i know , but which one :p….mashalla 3alaina wayed :p

24 03 2008

fetha7toona 😛

24 03 2008
Abdul Aziz

yousef : 3ady biy9eer chat log ihni ;p

25 03 2008

ee ikhthaw ra7atkom now.. i edited your name 😛 LOL

27 03 2008
Abdul Aziz

looool 😛

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