Can’t Send .Mac Emails Using E-Go

23 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


I have been having difficulty sending emails when I’m using Ego. Can’t send emails from my .Mac account.

Their call centers are of no help.



The solution can be found HERE




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23 03 2008

Welcome to the group! πŸ˜› ana hathy gatheteey ma3ahom!!! Result: NOTHING!

23 03 2008

wa3alayah πŸ˜› geee6a geee6a bel zbala a7san πŸ˜›

23 03 2008

Mishary walllaaainnn

loco khallik ma3a etisalat maltik a7san inta πŸ˜›

23 03 2008

Yousef inta es’al gool shino el Outgoing server for Zain? when i was with Wataniya i used to write in the outgoing server

23 03 2008

yousef: they might be blocking the IMAP ports. send an e-mail to their support dept. ask for IMAP

23 03 2008

my mail min 2 weeks maybe ma9ar ydiz 3ala min my .mac account wala my gmail accout bs my illi sha’3al fehom… i use stupid zain stupid router…. if u find a solution lemme know ;*

23 03 2008

madri lesh a7is elli what i wrote badliyat… i didnt sleep in 31 hrs sorry

bs elli ylaqi 7al ygool, mo ytne7as mithil ba3th enas mitne7seen 3ala KD 5

23 03 2008

By default .mac uses pop3

it seems like the outgoing server needs to be set to zain server.
i dont know what it is, but call them up and ask for it. Either way, call and complain, as far as your concerned you got the e-go to do work on the go, and if you cant send email from your main email you might as well give back the e-go and go with wataniya πŸ˜‰

^^ thats what u say πŸ˜›

24 03 2008

I asked about their outgoing server and they didn’t know ANYTHING! one of them gave me this stupid server and it didn’t work!

i called again and complained but nothing happened. they took my email and promised to email me the solution…

Adam I tried threatening him lol but he seemed more interested in providing the answer than replying to my threats lol

hopefully it’ll all work itself out soon πŸ˜€

I’ll post whatever update i get.

26 04 2008
Zain’s Email Issue Is SOLVED! « SOME contrast

[…] what me & Yousef wrote in the couple of weeks ago regarding the problem with Zain’s account? that we cant […]

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