Fish Market & Fusion Restaurants in Kuwait

23 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today me, Ali and Abdullah were going for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Just before we were there Ali noticed this new building which, at first, he thought was an Indian restaurant called Muhraja Palace.


This Restaurant is circle shaped and divided into two sections, 2 half circles, One is Fish Market (not related to the one near Marina Mall, and the other is Fusion.


Fish Market is a sea food restaurant and Fusion i think is either Japanese or Chinese. Both restaurants are owned by Americana. Both are going to be officially open in 15 days.


As you can see, the decoration must’ve costed them a small fortune! no i take it back, i think it costed them a HUGE fortune! You can see there are a fish tanks all over the place.


Here is the entrance for both restaurants.


Here is a part of Fish market restaurant. As you can see there are a lot of fish tanks. I think they’re there so u can choose the fish you’d like to eat and they cook it for you.


Thank You Abdullah for letting me use your mobile camera and thanks Ali for asking the employees all these quesion, which proved to be very helpful to this post πŸ˜€




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23 03 2008

waaaw man el 9owaar 3ajebaaaa
yabeelaaa nakel feeh b3ad 15 yom πŸ˜›

23 03 2008

Ali Thanx .. hatha mobile Abdullah πŸ˜› o inshalla el3azema 3alaik? πŸ˜›

23 03 2008

afa 3alik testahloon πŸ˜›

23 03 2008

The restaurants look really snazzy but I would never place that much colour into one place, but it’s a fish themed restaurant so I guess it’s acceptable. Shame that both of these restaurants’ names have been copied of existing restaurants in Kuwait. (They could’ve been more creative, unless of course if they are franchises which I doubt).

But they sure looks exciting, I’ll make sure to stop by one of them as soon as I come back.

23 03 2008

Correction: I just found out that this fish market is the same as the one in Egypt so it’s not really copying anyone (I don’t know why I thought that Totally Fish is called Fish Market). However, a restaurant called Fusion already exists in Kuwait.

23 03 2008
Mr Fish

All the fish will by trying to look ugly and unattractive so that no-one will want to eat them!!

23 03 2008
Q80 Saracen

Wow, that’s exciting. I hope you would consider doing a review when it actually opens…you know, to protect us from having a horrible experience or encourage us into having a great meal.

23 03 2008

I love it that you got the Kuwait Towers in the background so we all know exactly where these restaurants are. Great photos.

23 03 2008

intlxpatr THANKS! actually i’m using Sony Ericsson K800 camera πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

Q80 Saracen Inshalla i will coz Ali ra7 ya3zemny πŸ˜›

Mr Fish hehehehe πŸ˜›

??? Fusion already exists in Kuwait. –> Where??

23 03 2008

fusion is in galleria 2000

25 03 2008
Fish Market & Fusion Restaurants in Kuwait

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23 04 2008

It is unfortunate that owners of this joint Fish market copied their resto names from already existing restos in kuwait.Shame.

5 05 2008

i was looking for information about the resturant Fish market chan a6ee7 3alekom hnee bel 9edfa.
How r u all?
i would like to add a comment about Fish market, it does exist in kuwait bel salmeya yam el besher shenna (salmeya el qadeema) i think this new one is an expand only. elle bel salmeya same style. Pick you Fish and they cook it for u. 7adda 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

am going to the new one soon enshalla if not today

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