Bahrain Air

24 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


I never knew Bahrain had started a low cost airlines. Their fleet consists of 2 airplanes, a boeing 737 and an airbus A320.

“Bahrain Air, the first privately owned Premium Low Priced Carrier (PLPC), started operations on 3rd. February 2008 using modern Airbus “A320″ fleet, operates from Bahrain to Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait and Mashad. By April 2008 the destinations will be extended to include Dhaka in Bangladesh”

Currently there are no routes to Kuwait. but there will be in the future.

Do you know that in the past 5 years 5 new airlines started their operations in the gulf region alone?

In 2003, Air Arabia & Etihad Airways. Jazeera Airways in 2005 And in 2007 Bahrain Air. And I think somewhere in 2008 we will get Alwataniya Airways. Its getting a bit too competitive. (7i6 7ailhom bainhom)

Thanks INM.


Apparently there are more and more carriers popping up every day 😛 Mr. Solutions told us in his comment that Dubai has just annouced their own verion of low cost carriers! read more about it Here.




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24 03 2008
Mr. Solutions

Also Dubai have established a Low Priced Carrier last week…

24 03 2008

Wow I didn’t know we had that many! I am glad about increase in the amount of low cost carriers. In short haul trips you don’t necessarily need food and TV. I hope this increased competition leads to a lowering of prices and not a worsening of the industry’s services overall.

24 03 2008

Mr. Solution.. it ws the most logical thing for them to do after increasing the prices of Emirates Airlines. The segment of those who are NOT able to pay such high fares are increasing especially with the rising inflation rate !

the trick of survival would be diffrentiating in the service 🙂

24 03 2008

“operates from Bahrain to Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait” “Currently there are no routes to Kuwait. but there will be in the future.”

Aren’t these quotes saying exactly the opposite things?

24 03 2008

They will start their first routes to/from Kuwait at the end of this month.
I believe they have a competitive price just like Jazeera airways. Unlike with Gulf air which is really expensive!!

25 03 2008

raa7 yebalshon awal re7lat’hom @ 31 march o ra7 tkon 6areqta mo methel eljazera el7ajz yetem online bs .. bahrainAir ra7 yetem el7ajz minna 3n 6req ay agency 7ala 7al ay 6yaran ,,, o ham online ..

25 03 2008

Mr. Solutions Thanks! i just updated the post with the info you gave 🙂

dots… I agree. things are getting pretty pricey for lots of people. its a great idea. 🙂

7zaya Yes competition is going to be fierce from now on.. its good to have more alternatives. I too hope that the services don’t go down along with the new prices.

??? well, I quoted them. they said they’re offering routes to Kuwait among other countries. but that was incorrect. so, I had to correct them. check the comments below yours for more info 🙂

Technogal yeah Kuwait’s route is not yet available. Glad we have more options now 😀

HKR great idea! some people might feel more safe booking seats through an actual travel agent! khosh fikra wallah

25 03 2008

I just flew Bahrain Air to Dubai, it was not very plesant the plane was so old….why does a new airline not have new planes??? Gulf Air is not the best but I will be sticking to them they have been making a real effort recently. I was upgraded when I flew to Jordan recently.

25 03 2008

true guys more and more low cost airlines are popping up , but for sure they are here to stay ,, i am quite excited about air arabia ,, i heard air arabia will be starting destinations like kuala lampur bangkok and hong kong for like 286 dollars all inclusive ,, so thats not even 100 bd , 1000 aed or 90 kd ,,u can still fly to kuala lampur for 286 dollars if u book it at from sharjah airport ,, new airline started by air arabia in nepal ,… and very soon they will be operating from morroco ,, connecting middle east to europe , with really low cost prices ,, so lot of good news on the way

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