3rd Time is a Charm They Say

28 03 2008

Posted By Yousef


I’m sick again 🙂 the 3rd time in less than 50 days. The first time i got sick i was like, yeah, maybe its weather changes and me traveling back to Kuwait from Dubai.. you know how it is when you travel? But then when i got sick the second time, only 3 weeks after i got better, i thought, hmm maybe i should get a doctor’s opinion? a real “ear, nose and throat” doctor. but as the days went by, and the antibiotics kicking in, it all seemed nice and dandy again.. why go to a doctor?

Who thinks of going to the doctor when there are no immediate pain?

But 3 days ago, less than a week from concluding my sickness with my 2nd antibiotics course, it came back, that damn virus mutant thing came back!!!

Anyway, I’m going to a real doctor on sunday, i got an appointment. and I’m gonna end this tonsils thing once and for all.


Its weird when you get sick and one of your friends get really mad coz you can’t go out with him.. I told him I’m sick and can’t even get out of bed, yet he’s so angry and think I’m not giving a good enough excuse… I’m sure he’s reading this now. 😛




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28 03 2008

sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick people don’t write a post every day 9aa7 !!!!! and if your friend come all the way from dubai just for A WEEKEND and he want to see you only for one hour its very bad for him !! for the record he’s also sick but he is doing his best to have fun with his WEEKEND that his FRIEND dont care about it !!! ( it was the worse weekend ever )

28 03 2008

I wonder who’s that “friend” they were talking about :p

28 03 2008

Ma tshof shar nshalla 🙂
enzain go to Dr. Abdallah Al-Ali, mshalla bfa’9el allah wa7da bwa7da.. but you have to take an appointment first. If you want his no.5644677 – 5644660.
BTW nice pic man 😉

29 03 2008

loco breathe in…. breathe out… in.. out… 😀

fkj yeah that was very subtle 😛

5ermesS Thanks a lot ishar mayyeech 🙂 I wrote his number down, hopefully i won’t be needing him 😀

thanks that was very nice of you 🙂

30 04 2008

try dr.ekinmier at international clinic, he is great.

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