The New Cadillac Bag

29 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Did anyone notice these bags here in Kuwait? i’ve noticed them recently in many shapes and styles! My question is are these Authentic? and whats their relation with GM Cadillac cars? wayeeed gomt ashofhoom eb kel mokan!

I just did a quick search on amazon and found them under “Ashley M Cadillac” and they cost around KD10.

Here is the Link to Amazon.


It seems that they r selling it here in Kuwait, Check it out HERE “Check their prices.. what a rip off!”

Thanks M




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29 03 2008

its the heilag bag

and its sold in indivdual exeboyions usually in diva and sharg
sold from 45 kd to 140 kd

am not sure if its othentic
and am nt sure if its in fashion

but am sure its cheap to be wearing it

29 03 2008

joy: You know u just dissed 3/4 of the female population in Kuwait…i guess maing friends isnt your thing

29 03 2008

so what if its cheap? you don’t have to wear a 500 KD bag to be in fashion.

the cadillac bags were the new “habba” a while back, they are sold in ma3are6′ etc for outrageous prices (45 KD ou fog) to people who don’t know better. I bet most of them don’t know how much they cost online.

29 03 2008

Hi Mishary:

I know that they are sold on a kuwaiti site called

and here is the link:

29 03 2008
miss ghesquiere

tick tack. the quality imbayna zift. i never saw anyone carrying it, i only saw it on newq8bride’s blog a while back.

29 03 2008

M They are OUT OF STOCK!

29 03 2008

well its famous becoz paris Hilton was wearing one of them early this year thats where the haba began from! … i didnt like it becoz of the haba thing ! ylw3on chbdek mn kthr ma yeshelonha but it looks nice , and being cheap in price doesnt mean it will look cheap! and non fashionable ..

29 03 2008

i hate them!
i find them very ridiculus

29 03 2008

pumkinah ya3ni ehya asleya mo tagleed? right? el asleya eb KD10?

29 03 2008

tha bags are Authentic and i did wear some mn zmaan yamkin mn last dec the prices at 7adhaa rkhee9a but the problem elee yaboohom hnee o ba3aoohom b as3aaar khyaleya

o by the way khlaa9 ba3ad shahaar ra7 tro7 el habba

30 03 2008

its sold here at good prices , kuwaiti site also

24 04 2008
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29 04 2008

3ad hnee bil kuwait 9ar killa boog !
inzeen gilna rib7 min 10 kd le 15 kd ,, ok 20 kd !
bs min 10 kd le 45 kd or 100 kd ?

hatha mo rib7 , hatha maal (money) 7aram ! >_<

anyway alla ye3iz il online shopping wil aramex 😛

21 05 2008
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3 06 2008


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