Everything Is Possible With Gulf Bank!

30 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


When I first got married, about a year ago, I went to the Gulf Bank and asked them about getting an extra card for my K-Net account so that i can give it to my wife just in case anything happens. Their answer was NO! its not possible. I even took it the to the branch manager there and asked him, his answer was “even if I accept ur request the system will auto refuse and cancel it!”

I went back home and forgot about it. After a few months i noticed that my Card’s letters & number were unidentifiable so i decided to go to the bank and ask them to get a new card. They wanted me to give them the old one so they can proceed with the request, I suggested that I keep mine until I get the new one.

Anyway, they agreed. After a few days they called and told me to come and collect my new card, so, I went there to get it…. they did NOT ask about my old one…. Aaaaaand Guess what!?!? BOTH cards now are working! So much for the system auto refusing my card!!!



6 responses

30 03 2008

ee walaaa !! ana ma9adagt ena ra7 tesht`3l ela lamn jrabnaha bl ATM !! wshta`3laat both of them o same time b3d 😛

30 03 2008

looool zin etsaway ! bas lish et3aleem el7een beyal’3onhoom thentinhoom 3alshan ma etgool 😛

30 03 2008

Ali ashwa enek ketabt !!! washahad shahedon men ahlaaah!!

loco 7arooniiiiiiiiiii !!! laish el megasa !? laish 7esbalhom maneftehem!? begesona khal egesonaa “3ala golat ethyaab: mayges’haa ela ely rakabhaa! 😛 “

30 03 2008

they probably don’t even know they work lol

30 03 2008

luckily for ur wife! ;p

30 03 2008

I’m sure they don’t know that the feature is actually working on their system. They have an option there just below issue -> secondary card.
I’ve seen it working when an expatriate needed another ATM card for his account so his wife can use it back home.

I hate ignorant people who act like they actually know the system when they know jack shit.

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