Villa Moda Al-Manshar

31 03 2008

Posted By Mishary.


Today me & my wife decided to go to Villa Moda Al-Manshar which is located in Al-Manshar mall in Fahaheel.


Its located at the end of the mall which is near Rotana Hotel.


Once i got in i grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. But suddenly they came to me and asked me to turn it off! So, all the pics below are spy pics 😛 Sorry if they are not clear enough 😛


There is a flower section for a shop called Cozy Corner at the entrance.


If you can see above, basically the place consists of circles and each circle got its own brand. One of the circles is for DIGITS shop (its an apple computer shop).


The shop also got a second floor which is also for ladies! 😦


There is a cafe too!

I just want to mention that this branch seems to be a little bit different from the other branches, it doesn’t have the major brands such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada or even Marni. But it’s worth going.




8 responses

31 03 2008
Big Pearls

what bearnds does it have?

31 03 2008

i liked the sales dude standing in the hallways …. nothing soothing like a sight of a empty mall 😛 I say it by experience .

31 03 2008

Laish 7a6eena bgal3aat wadreen !!!!


31 03 2008

shfeeh min brands 3ayal?

31 03 2008

7zaya, il q8 kilha nitfa

31 03 2008

The photos are clear! Holy Smokes, I have been checking for months and it never opened. How did you know?

31 03 2008

Big Pearls & blasha walla i didnt noticed them all, But i noticed Ferragamo, Tory Burch.. somthing like that.

intlxpatr Thanx! walla i know from my wife 😉

31 03 2008

blasha, you can’t pass by il manshar casually after work, ya3ni 3anwa i9ara7a! Ba3dain laish lazim I see products in THREE different places? I didn’t like it when they took stuff to Mbarikiya either to be honest. As a shopper I’d much rather have everything in one place. It makes the shopping experience more pleasant for me.

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