Mariah Breaks Elvis’ Record for #1’s

3 04 2008

Posted By Yousef


Mariah Carey Breaks Elvis Presley’s long standing record as the second inline for most #1’s on Billboard charts, The first position goes to The Beatles. The song ‘Touch My Body’ Just made its giant leap from #15 on the chart to #1 thanks to an unprecedented Digital downloads, 286,000 downloads in just one week, making it Carey’s 18 #1 on Billboard.

“I really can never put myself in the category of people who have not only revolutionized music but also changed the world,” Carey told The Associated Press from London on Tuesday. “That’s a completely different era and time. I’m just feeling really happy and grateful.”

This is the song that made it to #1 this week.

Source: Billboard, CNN, MTV.




9 responses

3 04 2008

ana wayed ashoof el eghneya 3adiya shloon wsalat #1?

3 04 2008

I think its a fun song.. and it can get quite addictive after a couple of listens 🙂

4 04 2008

The song is really nice. It’s a summer-breeze air-heady song. That’s what made it work 🙂

4 04 2008

if you listen to the lyrics tara its sooo stupid and silly.. fun i agree and addictive but its sooo damn stupid, thats why Celine is the best here and there!!!

4 04 2008

Kha Agreed! people want something light to enjoy while in their cars. 🙂

fkj I don’t think she wrote the song with a political or environmental statement in mind 😛 its a nice little summery song. what did you expect? discuss abortion in it for example? 😛

And Celine.. Celine is nice, I like celine a lot, obviously, But where is Celine now? As far as I’m concerned she’s irrelevant to todays pop music. how ironic ha? especially that POP is her genre of music 😛

4 04 2008

ee 3ashoon 3ayal! mo bas eb US la tara 7ata fe dubai she is # 2 in channel 4 and # 1 in virgin radio! la wa abashreek #19 yaya bel 6ereeej (Migrate) MC is the best *( the one and only she will be 😉 )

4 04 2008

i love that song alot

5 04 2008

loco International hit loco 😀 illy igool daash jaiby shay 😛

blasha You have good taste! lol 😀

7 04 2008

thnx dude, a7rajtni :$

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