Mom’s Mud Cake

3 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Mom has been doing this cake for over 20 years. Its one of her signature cakes. As simple as it may seem, Nobody has ever mastered it the way Mom does Every Single Time! 😛

From Mom’s cook book and exclusively (6al) to our blog, here comes the best Mud (chocolate) cake ever!



  • 1 2/3 Cup of Flour
  • 1 1/3 Cup of Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Cream (shown above. gamair)
  • 1/3 Cup of Cocoa Powder
  • 1 1/2 bar of butter (Size shown above)
  • 3 Table sp. Nescafe melted in 1/2 a cup of hot water
  • 2 Tea sp. Baking Powder.
  • 4 Aero Chocolates
  • 1 Flake
  • Sprinkle of salt

Mix all the ingredients together in a big mixer, leaving only the Aero, Flake & 1/2 the cream for later.


Mix like crazy!

Mix Mix Mix!


Incase you were wondering whats inside the Cocoa tin 😛


Oil Brush this thing

Pour your mix in the thing and put in the oven for 35 on 350 degrees.


Might as well make use of your time while you wait for the cake. Take out the 4 Aeros and melt them in a water bath (Mom used this word, Bath) with whats left of the cream (remember you mixed just half of it with the cake mix).

Less than 5 minutes later it should look like this, Unburned!


Take out your cake when the 35 minutes is up. It should look something like this.


Cover it with the chocolate you melted earlier.


Sprinkle some of the flake (you get to eat whats left of the flake!)


And Voila!


Note from Mom:

“Many Have asked me for this recipe & I turned many of them away. Making this Cake on your own is what makes it special. If you’re going to give this recipe to the maid, you won’t get the same results, been done many times and the results were always sub par, As they should be.”




32 responses

3 04 2008

shakeelha eshaweeeq! wa ham shakeelha etmateen 😛

3 04 2008

Oh sweet mother of everything that is delicious and chocolaty!!

Me want some. Kudos to your mother and her creativity in making cakes 🙂

3 04 2008

Aah your mom seems so sweet, Allah ey5aleeha lik.

Btw the figures that you have placed in front of the ingredients indicate the amount of cups needed, right? and do you need 1 1/2 bars of butter or the amount seen in the photo?

Ooh B.B.= Baking Bbowder 9a7? 9ij Kuwaiti 😛 j/k

3 04 2008

I do not see a difference between the maid and mothers or housewives. They are both women.

3 04 2008

this looks yummy!

7san: Yes they are both women, but if you want something to be perfect you gotta do it yourself, and not give it to someone else to do. That’s the main point.

3 04 2008

wow this looks good

3 04 2008
Q80 Saracen

Wow…I think Kuwaitis yitfananown in how to make desserts even more…desserty…

More recipies!!

3 04 2008

Yaaay allah i3afeee omik 3ala hal recipe .. i am going to try it inshala when i get home 2 day!! 6aaa6 6aa6!

3 04 2008

Waaw look DELICIOS dude (Sa3aabily w9alat elga3) ;pP
3alaaikom bl3afya 😉

3 04 2008
Naser M

looks gr8 i guess id have 2 try it , whats BB? baking powder maybe? they r 2 small jars next 2 each other .. one looks like baking powder and the other?

3 04 2008

That looks FABULOUS. I bet y’all had a ball making it and taking the photos at the same time. Your family must have a lot of fun together. Thanks for what looks like a great recipe. Sellmi a la waladak (?) I am not too sure about that last word; it is meant to be “the woman who bears you”

3 04 2008

loco ako shay ishawwig o maymatim? 😛

Angelo LOL I would’ve sent you some 😛

??? Allah yalfashla!!! *goes to edit the post!* and yes all in cups, and if u look closely you’d see the other 1/2 bar just under the full bar 😉

7san il cake mo lilkhiddam isawona ya 7san.. shal3ayaz!! 😛 kho laho machboos wala baryany 😛 o ba3dain from a tajroba Mom says that the maids don’t make the cakes perfect as you want it to be coz they have alf shay thany ‘3aira bisawoona..

Enigma ThankYou! 😀

Mark thanx 🙂 and it tasted heavenly 😀

Q80 Saracen lol so true 😛 and sure there are inshallah many more to come!

Chirp you try it and lets see a post about it 🙂 and hey! I thought i was the only one using this 6aa6 6aa6 thingy! LOL

5ermesS hehehehehe allah i3afeech 😀

intlxpatr wallah we did have fun 😀 I had a very hard time following mom around! lol she’s fast and not used to others bugging her while she’s at work!

now lets see…
Waladak = your son
waldik = your father
waldetik = your mother “the woman who bears you”

Ta daaaaaaaa 😀

And I will tell her. thanks 🙂

3 04 2008

1. Your mom should start a blog i mean it.. seriously .. with all her cooking receipes and articles… batnafskom 😉

2. 7san mentioned that there is no difference whoever does the cake… esma7li ada5al but cooking is not about sticking to the 1, 2, 3 procedure … it is about mixing your feelings with it…. yes i might be read as “weird” with what i just said but i am serious… your feelings do reflect on what you bake//cook//

3. that thing ili 9abait il cake feih is called “springform tin” 😉
you might be needing it soon with extra receipes laneh hal shai is God’s sent gift to us 🙂

4. el BATH ili 6eraiteh is actually referred to as a water bath btw lol … the actual word is a panne marie (with a french accent monsieur) laneh the first who invented this method was apparently Mrs. Marie ! sho salfatha .. allaho a3lam … but it is just so amazing how the chocolate mixes with the butter bdoun ma y7trg neither of them…

5. Wayid 7abait il 9owar… (2nd , 3rd w 4th)
and i am so going to do this receipe bethn allah.

Selmat eeed omk .. 3asaha 3al gowa 🙂

3 04 2008

Naser M opps that shouldn’t have been there 😀 thats vanilla powder. its used sometimes to (twakhir zfarat ilbaith). You can use 1/4 tea sp. if you want to 🙂

3 04 2008

dots… Thanks for the VERY helpful comment!

I agree with blending your own feelings and character with what you’re baking, so true, and unfortunately in Kuwait and I think maybe in the UAE too we always depend on the maids with this type of stuff..

BTW I won’t mention the “her own blog” idea to Mom 😛 NO WAY! 😛

Thanks again for the comment. I’m gonna use those terms in the future for sure bithn allah 🙂

3 04 2008

tislam eedich ya um yousef, and thanks yousef for posting the recipe i had 2 questions though.
Do you use sweetened or unsweetened cocoa powder in the recipe, and what can be a substitute for gaimar?

4 04 2008

Adam Thanks 🙂 I asked her and she said that the cocoa is not sweetened & that You can use sour cream for the cake mix (shakla nafs goo6y ilrob). and for the Aero mix you can use a light white cream, u know the whipping cream?

But I’m guessing you’re lactose intolerant? if so, then I’m really sorry I can’t help here…

4 04 2008

tra cake`atkum etdawekhhhhhhhhh 😛 samooha enthewaaaaaaaaal 😀 next week my friends will be gathering in my house so i`ll give it a try and inform u all about the results 😉 .. ooo 3ashaw Q80 mooms ! ( the good ones only 😛 )

5 04 2008

pumkinah LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! enthewaaaal!!! We’re definitely changing the name to enthewal!! 😛 😛 and thanks 😀

6 04 2008

not lactose intolerant, just live in the states:P hehehe no gaimar here 😛

7 04 2008

Ohhh in the states! Dude! forget Mom’s cake!! go to cheese cake factory! lol

9 04 2008

Hehehe, i bet ur mum makes a better cake 😉

11 04 2008

I made the cake … AMAAZINNGGGG~~ thank ur mom for the recipe

13 04 2008
Quick post « The Chirp Stories

[…] 13, 2008 by Chirp I made SomeContrast’s mom’s Mud Cake, it was a HUGE hit in the shalaih, I will let Mirim (and Nwair) comment about it … My […]

13 04 2008

1/3 Cocoa Powder – teaspoon, tablespoon or cups…I wana try it!

13 04 2008
::: ShoSho :::

waw I came here through Chirp’s blog.. Thank you for the receipe! I will give it a try too! 1/3 coca as in Cup right?

13 04 2008
::: ShoSho :::

Lovely photography BTW..

13 04 2008
Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Wow… will definetly be making this in the weekend 🙂 Thank your mom for the recipe !!

13 04 2008

Adam well.. I can’t disagree now 😉

Chirp wohoo! greatt!! 😀 Mom “3alaikom bil3afya” 🙂

zainoba opps 🙂 1/3 cup of cocoa 😀 *goes to edit the post*

ShoSho yes you’re right, I meant 1/3 cup of cocoa 🙂 and thanks! means a lot! 😀

Pocket Full Of Sunshine nice nick! i love that song! Let us know how it turns out 🙂 Mom says “3alaikom bil3afya” 🙂

13 04 2008

Haha thanx, I came back to check cause i wana make it!

15 04 2008

zainboa good good! make it and let us know ohw it goes!! 🙂

15 04 2008

baked it.. and it was yummy…
use a small springform … probably a 23cm rather than a 26cm..
and it just tasted heavenly… i’d say for chocolate lovers use dark chocolate as the ganache instead of the Aero …

3asaha teslam your mom …

netraya il receipe il thanyeh 😉

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