Amazon’s Mistake Continued

6 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

I posted the other day about and their mistake. Well, I was expecting them to let us keep the wrong order and ship us another laptop, But that hopeful thought was shot down when Hamad told me that they expect him to send the laptop back or they’ll make him pay for it.

So much for getting away with a free laptop. šŸ˜›



One response

9 04 2008

well i guess i am a little better than this case. I gave them a harsh e-mail that i was not compensated for the delay nor the mistake![and i rejected their 15$ voucher as a compensation!!!! i am not born yesterday if i was in the states i could bleed them dry of money with this neglection i was forced to put up with when they did not reply me as soon as they said so]

i asked to use the one i have and currently i am posting from it ;p and will practice on it a little till my white comes to me šŸ˜€ BUT i said! i will not send you the black back UNLESS the shipping fees of the white one is paid and the black “estimated” shipment is paid to me in full by amazon, else i will not risk having any mistakes done and that they are more than welcome to come and collect their device ;p after they paid for the fees of the white….

i think its all about timing, if u claim quickly you get more attention. and i don’t know weather i will end up with the black un-claimed by them?! because they only mentioned the “send it back to us” thing when i said what about ur device that i have LOL?!!!!!

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