Mom’s 3rd Post

8 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

I went to Mom today and asked her if she has any comment regarding the elections and our beautiful MPs to be. With no hesitation she took her little note book and gave it to me. πŸ˜€

Here it is, Mom’s 3rd Post:

Kuwait is in a 5 electoral districts marathon for the first time nowadays. It’ll be interesting to see who’ll succeed in lying his way to the chair. The ones who reach the end of this marathon are more often than not aren’t the real winners in our eyes. Most of them are going to dedicate their time to polish their new chairs and use their newly found powers to their own personal gains, getting back what they lost on the elections being #1 on their lists. This election is going to cost a lot, because as you know, paying people in cash is out of fashion this time around, now its all about renovating poor people’s homes, which costs a lot.

Aren’t you people tired of the irony? Claiming that Kuwait’s interest is your main objective then going for whoever promise you to drop the loans and increase your salaries? don’t you know its things like that that keeps your country in its steady fall? These MPs and their ways of manipulating people’s feelings! They’re like a low fat product that has no nutritional value and cause cancer in the long run. We don’t need them. There is no good coming out of them, actually its quite the opposite! they’re in it for the goods!

I have many examples, but for the sake of not creating much controversy, I won’t mention the names, just their actions.

He has a beard, He is religious, He produces Islamic tapes and gives lectures too. But He looses it, turns his head 180Β° and flashes wide smiles whenever he sees a girl passing by.

He’s very religious and preaches religion & ethics whenever he can. till last week I saw him on TV preaching. But what some of you might not know is that in one of his many journeys out of the country, God wanted to blow his cover, He was caught drunk in a car accident. Our good government have threatened him and black mailed him so he stays on their side. He’s a good friend with the government ever since.

A guy who is responsible for over looking the “negative phenomena committee” (whatever that means) had a sad turn of events when every news paper in town reported his visit to a nudist beach. (Y’all know him right?) πŸ˜›

One of our Islamic MPs was seen in a casino in Las Vegas, wearing a t-shirt and a short and gambling. when he was asked about his behavior He said something along those lines “My look differs according to what I’m doing and the place I’m in.”

“Eldeen baree2 minhom o min ta2aslemhom”

We need Fresh, New, bright-looking and beardless faces! We need them with long dishdashas too! no more fakers! no more pretense and using Islam in vain! We don’t want MPs who ride waves and trends for the sake of popularity. We need them to be real, so they can see things as they are and actually do something about them and make the progress their supposed to make. We want a solid and deep vision of what should be done to accomplish some of the goals we’re hoping for. And more importantly We want them to dedicate themselves for the good of NO ONE but Kuwait“.




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8 04 2008

9a7 elsaneech ya oum yousef !!!!!! wa e3jebatny eb bedyat el post bedat eb KUWAIT wa ham e5temat el post bel KUWAIT! hatha ely 9ej ma9la7ta 3ala el kuwait !!!!!!! we are waiting 4 her soon with her 4th post.

8 04 2008
organic kuwait

i have a suggestion, in addition to your translation, why dont you also scan and post her original article?
Im really enjoying these posts btw πŸ™‚ thank u πŸ™‚

8 04 2008

Omik sounds like what 3amity said ams!!!! LooL!!!!
These religious people put the beard to gain something, and its not closeness to God.

8 04 2008

Well you have the chance to turn the table.. dont read the agenda’s and just comment.. talk to the candidates attend the debates.. etha elkil gal elmajlis feh w mafeh w ga3ad ebait’hom tara hal ashkaal wont change.

8 04 2008

i luv this post but i hope that it will stir something, as Hamad said “etha elkil gal elmajlis feh w mafeh w ga3ad ebait’hom tara hal ashkaal wont change” we need more ppl like ur mom to get their msg out

8 04 2008

This is beautifully said: “They’re like a low fat product that has no nutritional value and cause cancer in the long run.” Hehehehe πŸ™‚ sa7 ilsanich !

Ana ma3a Hamad alf bilimia, we can’t just sit at home and criticize we should attend the debates and see what the candidates say in person. The fundamentalist guys and the tribal guys are much more organized and they lobby better than we do – this is OUR fault for being too lazy to be as politically active as we should be.

8 04 2008

I’m reading the comments to Mom and she’s loving the interaction πŸ™‚

loco eeee 7arakaaaat! πŸ˜›

Organic Kuwait Thats a great idea. but it’ll show how poor my translation is πŸ˜› maybe i’ll do it next time inshallah πŸ™‚

Chirp exactly! they’re in it for personal gains and using the islam veil to get the needed aids.

Hamad Agreed. bs ilyoom 3indy 3ers magdar aroo7 nadwa πŸ˜› no but seriously, I agree.

7zaya I think it IS our fault. but not because we don’t attend debates as much. but because we follow the rules and don’t do primaries like those outlaws. we’re divided because we are strong believers of real democracy.

8 04 2008

Your Mom is a straight shooter, how refreshing in election times. Too bad we can’t get her to run. Her no-nonsense vision of what Kuwait needs is exactly what Kuwait needs!

9 04 2008

haaaa 3an ilSEYASAa “3ala golat my grandpa etha shafna nsoolef” πŸ˜€
walla ana 3an nafse I’m not interested in halsewalf “I know I should be bs shsawe mo bidey ;p “.
Anyway saleem 3ala omaimtek dam enk ga3ed tgralaha elcomments o golaha I agree with her 100% ;pPp πŸ˜€

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