Enjoy The Weather This Weekend

10 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Yesterday Me and INM went to Marina Crescent to eat breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. The weather at first was a bit hot for INM’s taste (I was dying but kept a straight face coz i wanted to sit outside). INM suggested that we change our table, so we went and sat in a shady area, and thank God we did! The weather was absolutely amazing under shades! There was just the right amount of humidity + sun + breeze, to make us comfortable while eating our breakfast Brunch Lunch!

I returned the Croissant after taking the first bite coz they heated it up in the microwave without asking!

Birds were everywhere and INM started feeding them (He ate half of his omelette and gave the other half to the birds. He fed the birds eggs lol)

I really recommend going out in the mornings, I mean actually being out to enjoy whats left of our decent weather, coz you’ll find yourself struggling for air in no time. kho t3arfon 7arna may’3ashmir.

There is this new restaurant called Ayyame, It took Biella’s location, Anyone knows anything about it?




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10 04 2008

That looked delicious. I’m wanting for you to review the new restaurant as well.

Next time, try to have breakfast at Coffee Supreme or Lenotre. Those two are my favorite places for breakfast/brunch…hell they even have a fabulous lunch menu.

10 04 2008

I love supreme! I’ll write about them inshallah! their lattes are one of the best in Kuwait! they’re refreshingly close to what I’d call real lattes šŸ™‚

Le Notre is a good established restaurant. We really can’t give an unbiased review coz me and Mishary both love it there šŸ™‚

10 04 2008

3lekom Bel3afia šŸ™‚
and what a cute bird ^__^
The dish in the first pic looks Yummy, what was it?

10 04 2008

Technogal Thats Egg Benedict šŸ™‚ highly recommended! its pouched eggs on top of a slice of bread, spinach and smoked salmon. you can change the salmon to either turkey or a slice of cheese too šŸ™‚

10 04 2008

He He He.. Yousef as if you were reading my mind… I was reading to what that dish was containing and suddenly when I reached the Salmon!! I was like ohh god I am not into it at all.. and then you mentioned “that I can change it to cheese instead” I was like yes cheese would be better. šŸ™‚

11 04 2008

Very nice pictures


3aleecom bel 3afyah

12 04 2008

Technogal hehehe I have dificult friends as well šŸ˜› i can see what some people might find icky šŸ˜€

Manal Allah i3afeech! Mashkoorah šŸ˜€

12 04 2008

5owsh jow ams .. :p

12 04 2008

K.TheKuwaiti shift ilfashla? garadta! šŸ˜›

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