Pringles Tomato & Mozzarella Flavour

12 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

I was torn between the Ketchup, cheese, Hot & Spicy and The one above. I’m sorry to tell you all that I made a bad bad… bad decision. It tastes like something that shouldn’t be tasted by anyone and What’s killing me is that the taste lingers.. it’s not going away!



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12 04 2008

alla yal denya gemna nakel bafak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeee ta’3ayarna walla 😛

wa ma7ad galeeg jarba min shakla elawee3 el chabd chena bad sandwich aw sal6a mo shay !!!!!

12 04 2008

He He He I experienced the same feeling yesterday.. I was ordering from taw9eel website and by mistake I added Pringles “Tomato & Mozzarella Flavour”.. Wallah I did not notice!! I thought it was the normal Pringles since the box was red..besides it was the first Pringles item that show up! until I received my order… and got confused of my choice. Then I said let me try it 🙂 “the flavour was quite shocking!!!!!!!!”.

12 04 2008

loco bafak 3ad? inzain o laish ma akil bafak? kho il UAE matkhally a77ad yeshtehy shay bs hnee ‘3air! ilwa7id sh3enda ‘3air ilbal3 😛

Technogal LOL! the flavour was shocking indeed! and did you notice that the taste doesn’t go away? 😕

12 04 2008

alah yhdeeek b6a6 eb 6a3am 6ma6 😛 esma bs yelawe3 el chabd 😛
temathmath eb detol 😛

12 04 2008

Allah y3afi el Turkish coffee Yousef.. It works if you want the taste go immediately 🙂

15 04 2008

pumkinah ee mo hatha oho ily 9aar 😛

Technogal akh 6afatny hathy!

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