Recipe | Basbosa Wannabe

16 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

Remember ages ago I posted about that basbosa lookalike? the “Baked With Love” post?

Here is the full, extra easy, recipe!

Stage 1

Ingredients for the topping (sheera)

-3/4 Cup of water.
-1/2 Cup of sugar.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Cardamom powder.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Saffron.

Bring the water to boil, add the other ingredients. mix well until the sugar dissolves. keep aside to cool.

Stage 2


-2 Lebanese Bread. (its the white bread from Kuwait flour Mills & Bakeries Co).
-1/2 a cup of sugar.
-3/4 cup of milk.
-3/4 cup corn oil.
-3 Eggs.
-1 Tea Sp. Baking powder.
-1/2 Tea Sp. Cardamom powder.
-1/2 Tea Sp. Saffron.
-1/4 Tea Sp. Salt.

Put them all in a blender.

Saffron and Cardamom.

The Baking Powder

Hmm.. maybe some more Saffron.

Mix well then pour it into this baking dish (thank you dots…)

Decorate with some nuts (Skippable)

Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes on 350 degrees. If its an electric oven then set it to 180 degrees. 

Once its done, take it out, pour the cold topping (sheera) while the cake is still hot. And Enjoy it! 😀

Note: Don’t let the lebanese bread deceive you, you won’t believe how good it tastes 😛




14 responses

16 04 2008
Recipe | Basbosa Wannabe

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16 04 2008

I Think I can make this one down here!
Thanks for the recipe!

16 04 2008

did u make it or did some1 make it while u took pics?

16 04 2008

Yummy Its Look Tastey ,thanks alot yousef but i have one question , in stage2
the lebanes bread is it soft or you put it in the oven to become litle Crunchy ?

16 04 2008

Linus Ur welcome 🙂

fashionated Mom made it 😀 I just took the pictures 😀

Bo3zeez in stage 2 you just cut it to tiny pieces as shown, then put it in the blender with all the other ingredients until it becomes liquid. 🙂

16 04 2008

BASNAa ya om yousef Basnaa 😀
Looks delicious teslaam edha.. and about the bread I think I tried this recipe before and true it really had a good taste and waayed a5af mn elbasbosa el3adiya 🙂

16 04 2008

Goodness gracious that looks deeeeelishusss!

16 04 2008
Hamitaf La B

Seriously the wanna-be basboosa looks AMAZING…. 7adee al7een eshtahait knafa… hmm… not the same is it?

16 04 2008

NamNameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. ishd3wa ya 7afith matswelna bil shalih 😛

16 04 2008
Pocket Full Of Sunshine

I’m loving your mum’s posts more & more.. I’m printing them all out to make in the weekend!! Thanks!!

16 04 2008

Note: Don’t let the lebanese bread deceive you, you won’t believe how good it tastes

honestly… i needed to read that sentence… i was thinking shkether “smeed” a76 instead of the bread to have a proper basboosa… bas shakli now i’d go for the “original” .. the one with bread 😉

and again i should say this… your mom should start a cooking blog ! SERIOUSLYYYY ! and a politics one on the side for all her writings..

w 3an il dish… it is called gratin dish bs il “mota3arf” ineh we call it baking dish.. or baking tray ! 5aleeha simple w mashi 7alik 😉

will try it tomorrow bthn allah …

17 04 2008

Yumm.. looks delicious! yabela 7ag il shalaih.. *hint*
Sulaiman 3ad int a7san wa7ed bel teshereh :p.. sawooli o yebooli weshda3wa !:P

17 04 2008

5ermesS Om yousef thab7atkom thab7atkom! lol

I don’t really like the real basbosa. i like the wannabe better 🙂

7zaya too bad you can’t smell it. ree7at’ha shay mo 9ij.

Hamitaf La B Allah ihadach kilish not the same LOL! way off 😛 ilknafa a7la 7ilow bidinya!

Sulaiman hehehehe inshallah bachir insaweelkom 😛

Pocket Full Of Sunshine don’t forget to post about it so we know how it all turned out! 😀

dots… I’ll pass your comment to her! I told her many times to release a cook book but she doesn’t listen! I’ll pass your comment to her 🙂

you won’t taste the bread in it, you’re gonna love it inshallah 🙂 and you see that saffron up there? I bought it from soog mershid 😀

Khalid inshaalllah bachir bishalaih tkoon 3indik! (witha mashiftny shayil shay, lates2anly 3anha please) 😀

17 04 2008

gimme your mom’s number ba8ni3ha … you take pics.. she cooks… and we eat ! 😛

again… everyone loved it…

my alterations to it…

i added few drops of lemon to the syrup… i love it a bit sour… and added a tablespoon of rose water …both a5ar shai after it cooled down..(the syrup) ..
i decorated it with blended pistachio later !

أطعم الله من أطعمك و سقا الله من سقاكم

btw… inteh sho mwadinik soog mershed !!!!!!

the last place i’d expect you to go to… but honestly… its a different cultural experience 9a7 😉

sert il bastakiyah (soog il dewyat) ? aw il ras ? that is another amazing place ! my fav spots are there… fil skeek … 3nd ma5baz 5aan !

3al 3moom… shakl 9ab’3at il ze3faran ineh men il 6ayb … i hope they gave you a good price for the saffaaron … its quite expensive these days !

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