My New SLR Lenses

19 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

I’ve been wanting to buy a lens for awhile now, I asked around a lot and been given lots of great advices (thanks btw), But as always, I spend a lot of time in hesitation. Around a week ago I finally settled and knew what I really need. I needed to buy 2 lenses and a good camera bag to contain everything! I went to amazon and placed an order for a canon 28-135mm with IS & another canon but this time a macro 100mm. The first one will replace my current lens and its probably going to be the one I use the most. The macro on the other hand is a stone winner! it turns every dull little picture into an achievement in photography! yeah i’m sad to admit this but the camera does most of the magic.

I’m loving both lenses at the moment and been taking some good picture in the chalet (a good post with our infamous wrangler is coming up soon πŸ˜› ).

I need to buy 2 more essential things, I need a great cleaning kit and another battery. maybe a bigger CF card too.

Here are some pictures I took while playing around with the Macro lens. πŸ˜€




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19 04 2008
My New SLR Lenses

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19 04 2008

I love the 100mm macro, good choice.. 3o2bal el “L” lenses =)

19 04 2008

When I was looking for an IS lens, I settled on the 24-105 L IS. It’s an amazing lens, now it never leaves the camera I’m using.

19 04 2008

BloBoz they’re coming ishallah.. but I need more time before i start really spending on something i still know very little about πŸ˜€

Ahmad I though about it, but I think I still need more time before I feel its ok to spend that amount on a single lens πŸ™‚ the 2 i bought cost less than your L lens hehehe

19 04 2008

Hi yousef

The macro is amazing , specialy the LV leather WOW (kel shay eybayen)…although i know nothing about SLR, bes i think you need a different lighting. with sun light kel shay ye6la3 a7la o ghair try it. and let us know

19 04 2008

Since you have excellent lens as those, why don’t you take some nicely captured pictures and post them on Flicker. There are really gifted Kuwaiti photographers that I really love their work…you might become one of them πŸ˜‰

20 04 2008

Looking forward to see the more pics taken with the new lenses

20 04 2008

Lucky you , it’s my next plan to get the macro lens
enjoy πŸ˜‰

20 04 2008

bal bal bal πŸ˜› el 9owar ely qabel kanaw raw3a !!! eshloon bel new lenses :S alla yaster mineeeeek walla enta ! 3asa ma tefta7leeek SHOP wa ma teshtee’3el LOOOL
by the way el LV pic WOW πŸ˜›

20 04 2008

M You’re totally right, I do need a decent flash for my camera. I love natural pictures and I love the sun’s natural effect.. the morning freshness adds so much to a pic. πŸ™‚

Angelo yeah been wanting to start flickring, inshallah soon and I’ll sure post about it to let you know. thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚

barkingbaz I’ll make a post soon with pix taken with the new lenses πŸ™‚

zaboOo6a oooh you’re gonna love it! πŸ˜€

loco hehehehe ashkorak ashkorak πŸ™‚ shdarrak ina LV yamal idagom! πŸ˜›

20 04 2008
Pocket Full Of Sunshine

I need to buy a camera in the next few days… I’m contemplating between canon and nikon.. any suggestions.. model numbers?

20 04 2008

el leather pic. china china eli sawarha wayed pro? wila yousef?

21 04 2008

Pocket Full Of Sunshine hmm look, I was wanting to buy the nikon D40x but then my cousin advised me to buy the canon coz its better. I went with his advice since he knows a lot more than I do. I’m not regretting my decision so far. I’m loving the fact that once i get really used to my camerea 400D I can always buy the better (high end) canon cameras and still be able to use all my canon lenses.

for a beginner I recommend the new canon xsi or the one i’m using the canon xti.

Hamad I didn’t use your pictures latkhaf πŸ˜›

22 04 2008
Pocket Full Of Sunshine

And I can get these at that Ashraf place? I most probably will go for the xsi..

22 04 2008

Pocket Full Of Sunshine I’m not sure if its available yet in Ashraf, why not buy it online? you’ll get a better deal. and the xsi is amazing. great choice!

27 04 2008


I see, man!…

28 05 2008

yusuf i was wondering how can you place an order through amazon, i used to do that in uk since the shops i am buyin from are located in Uk but i was wondering how is it possibile to do such a thing here,do they sell those lenses in kuwait? as i am planing to buy one once i buy the canon 400D

28 05 2008

mohammed You can open a mail box through Aramex they have a service called Shop&Ship, they’ll provide you with a mail box in NY, then you can order through amazon US and ship it to your Shop&Ship in NY, then they’re gonna ship it to you, in Kuwait.

If you’re going to buy the 400D, then I advise you to take a look at the newer version of this camera, the 450D.

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