Dear.. How Many People Are Coming?

22 04 2008

Posted By Mishary.

For people like me & my wife who never know how much pasta to cook (it’s either too much or too little and we’re either unsatisfied or have two days of leftovers), I think this chrome device will solve our issue, it measures the amount of spaghetti for up to four people and doubles as a trivet.

Thanks to Ahmad.




8 responses

22 04 2008
Delicately Realistic

LOL i love it !
I too am helpless when it comes to servings !

22 04 2008

left overs are good :Pp i don’t deny that this is a good solution for portion control 😉 keep up the good things !

22 04 2008

Zabo0o6a Thanks and welcome to the blog 🙂

22 04 2008

the problem would be if you have “two visistors who eat 3an arba3” 7azat ha el 7esbeh bt5trb

22 04 2008

dots… heheheheheheheehe laaa ehny beseeeer meshkelaah 🙂

22 04 2008

I had one of these and lost it 😦 😦 gutted

22 04 2008

Daloo3a do u know from where you got them?

22 04 2008

ana yabeeli mn theela 7g klshy mo bs lespagetti !!

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