Fayrouz Live In Sharjah

23 04 2008

Posted By Yousef

“Sah El Nawm featuring the world famous Fayrouz was originally composed by the Rahbani Brothers and performed for the first time at the Damascus International Festival in 1970.

Admired for its dramatic intensity, rich storyline, humour and musical rhythms, the play has received tremendous success and praise for its strong focus on the Arab world.”

This is not an event you’d wanna miss. I wish I could attend.. Maybe I will you never know.

By the way who is older Fayrouz Or Sabah ❓

Lifted from loco. For more info go to Showbizme.




4 responses

23 04 2008
Fayrouz Live In Sharjah

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23 04 2008

Hi , Thank you For This Surprise and i wish also to attend , regarding your question i think sabah is older cos she is a (mummy) lefted by the Fara3na 🙂

23 04 2008

el sha7roorah akbaar .. ma yabeela. shes older than anyone i know of. mashala.

24 04 2008

Bo3zeez Hehehehehehehe!! lefted by the fara3na! LOL!

Chipmunk ya7lailha isha7roorah.. la o moombayyin 3alaiha ba3ad 😛

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